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Work Study Program

Learn and Earn

Program description

The Work Study program is offered jointly through Career Services and the Student Awards office to provide students in financial need with an opportunity to receive priority for certain part-time jobs during their academic terms. 

Work Study positions are funded by Queen’s University.  There is a Fall-Winter program as well as a Summer program. Each new academic session requires the submission of a new application for entitlement.

Important Dates for Fall-Winter 2013/14

Now - Students can submit their application for entitlement (to Student Awards) 
Now - Employers can post their job opportunities for Fall/Winter term 
July 16, 2013 - Postings available online to students 
September 3, 2013 - Students can begin their Fall/Winter or Fall term only Work Study position 
September 14, 2013 - Deadline for Work Study applications from students to Student Awards for entitlement 
December 31, 2013 - Last day a Work Study employee enrolled in Fall term only can work
January 6, 2014 – Students can begin their Winter term only Work Study position
April 25, 2014 – Last day a Work Study employee enrolled in Fall/Winter term or Winter term only can work. 

Student checklist

There’s a significant procedure to follow and lots of forms to complete. You’ll simplify things by following this list:

  • Submit application for entitlement to Student Awards
  • Receive entitlement 
  • Check MyCareer for Work Study jobs 
  • Submit applications
  • Get hired
  • Sign contract, submit void cheque (you must have a SIN to do this), submit completed TD1 (both Provincial and Federal)
  • Report for work
  • Submit time sheets bi-weekly to your employer
  • Receive direct deposit for your pay bi-weekly (if a pay period goes by and you have not received your pay, please see your employer or contact Sheila Hutchison in Career Services)

Eligibility and entitlements

To be eligible for a Work Study entitlement you must meet the criteria for being in financial need. You will need to have either a student loan or line of credit to show that you are extended financially. 

The maximum entitlements are listed here. The rate of pay, effective September 2010, is $12.00/hour including vacation.

You may get hired for a second job IF you are hired for one in which your employer does not expect to use your full entitlement (i.e. not enough hours of work available). Just remember that you cannot exceed the total value of your entitlement, and both employers must be in agreement.  Please have your first employer contact the program coordinator with their acceptance and how many hours they are willing to give up.

How to apply for an entitlement

Complete the application that can be printed from the Student Awards website and submit it to Student Awards, 2nd floor, Gordon Hall. 

You will be sent an email once your application has been reviewed. Turn-around time is approximately two weeks. You will also be able to check SOLUS for your entitlement. If further information is required from you to accurately assess your application, you will receive an email.

How to apply for jobs 

Remember the eligibility and entitlement rule.  To apply for Work Study positions, students MUST FIRST receive an entitlement or bursary from Student Awards.  

Job descriptions are available on MyCareer at Career Services. Start your job search early to give yourself the greatest amount of choice. 

Please follow the "how to apply" instructions on each posting. Employers will then commence with the hiring process from their applicant pool. The department, faculty, school or organization that has posted the job is responsible for arranging interviews, selecting a candidate and making a job offer. 

If you are hired, please ensure that the employer contacts Career Services for your Work Study Employer Contract. This contract is to be completed and returned to Career Services as soon as possible. You are not on the Work Study payroll until this step is complete. 

You may begin working IF you have a Work Study entitlement and your signed employment contract has been delivered to Career Services.

Accepting a job

Congratulations on getting a job! Now, before you begin your Work Study placement, there are a few things you should do. 

1. Determine through your employer what vacation or observed holidays you are entitled to during your work term.

2. Submit your Social Insurance Number to your employer for income tax deduction purposes.

3. Provide your employer with a void cheque (if you have not worked for Queen’s within the past year).

4. Provide your employer with a completed TD1, both provincial and federal, which can be found on the Human Resources web site in the top right hand corner in the drop down menu titled forms. 

Social Insurance Number (SIN #) Requirements

  • To work in the Work Study program students MUST have a Social Insurance Number
  • International students cannot apply for a SIN number until after being hired by a Work Study employer.

You’re hired—now what?

Are you an international student?  To work on campus in the Work Study Program students are required to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). NOTE: International students cannot apply for a SIN number until after hired by a Work Study employer.

Before you begin your Work Study placement, there are a few things you should do. You’ll need to have a clear understanding of the expectations, responsiblities and procedures on the job and you’ll need to assist your employer in getting paid. 

Understand expectations, responsibilities and procedures in Work Study positions 

Review the Student Manual (.pdf, 217 kB) for Work Study & SWEP to learn how to make the experience a valuable one, and clarify your role with your supervisor. If you need additional assistance, contact the program coordinator Sheila Hutchison.

Alternatives—"What if I can’t find a Work Study job?"

Your Work Study entitlement doesn’t guarantee you a Work Study position. Indeed, sometimes students can’t find a job that fits their skills, or they aren’t able to apply until later in the year when many of the jobs are filled.  Don’t panic! If you’re approved for Work Study but can’t find a job posted on the Work Study list that fits you, or if you got your entitlement late, you may be able to create a Work Study job! 

Contact agencies, profs or departments who you think might need help on a research project or office work. Tell them that you can do a certain number of hours of work for them, and that they’ll only have to pay $3.00 per hour (the Work Study program subsidizes the balance).   If they agree to hire you (or if they need more information),  have the employer contact to proceed with the paperwork so you can receive your Work Study funding for the hours that you work there. 

Not For Profits that have worked with the Work Study Program:

  • Almost Home
  • Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy
  • Community Advocacy and Legal Centre
  • Community Living Kingston
  • Cycle Kingston
  • Drinking Water Source Protection
  • Epilepsy Kingston & Area
  • Frontenac Community Mental Health
  • Green Centre Canada
  • Kingston Arts council
  • Kingston Canadian Film Festival
  • Kingston Community Roundtable on Poverty Reduction
  • Kingston Historical Society Murney Tower Museum
  • Kingston Interval House
  • Kingston Literacy
  • Kingston Poverty Conference 2010
  • Kingston Unitarian Fellowship
  • KYAC
  • Loving Spoonful (Partner sin Mission Food Bank)
  • Marine Museum of the Great Lakes
  • Museum of Health Care
  • Ontario March of Dimes
  • Reelout
  • Schizophrenia Society of Ontario
  • United Empire Loyalist Heritage Centre and Park
  • University Hospitals Kingston Foundation

More ideas for finding work

Have a look at our Where to Find a Job on Campus tipsheet  (.pdf, 442 kB) for some additional ideas.  Career Services offers drop-in advising hours for additional job search advice and support.

Program contact

For more information, please contact:
613-533-6000 ext 74044 


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Email WS Coordinator


Work Study
at a glance

  • For part-time work
  • For eligible students (based on financial need)
  • Administered in conjunction with Student Awards
  • Runs year round (including summer)
  • Student Manual (.pdf, 217 kB)


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