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For Graduating Students - QYourFuture

QYourFuture Logo (Blue Q with red mortarboard on top of it) Your (in blue text) Future (in red text).  Underneath are two Queen's swooshes in blue/goldCongratulations!  You're graduating this year.  Just as you got ready to come to Queen's a few years ago, there are some things that will help you successfully navigate your final year of undergrad and start to transition to your next steps.

10 Things to Do Before You Graduate

We've picked 10 activities to help you get going and created this page and an infographic (available in hard copy around campus). QYourFuture is designed as a central place to connect you to some of the processes, departments and services that you'll need during your final year.  

The activities, resources, and options mentioned on this page and the infographic are possibilities.  You are not restricted to them and you don't have to follow this exact order.  Every graduating student will find their own unique path as they transition from Queen's to their next steps.

1. Join Queen's Career Networking Group

Queen's Connects Career Networking Group - logoThe Queen's Connects Linkedin Group is designed to create discussions and networks with Queen's Alumni. These are all people who have shared similar Queen's experiences as you, and are driven to help students and graduates on their search for career possibilities.

Members are keen on creating conversations about career experiences, opportunities, industries, fields, or roles. Check out the direct link to Queen's Connects Career Network for students and alumni for step-by-step instructions to join. 

2. Apply to Graduate

Photo of female and male student wearing convocation robes, surrounded by Queen's tricolour swooshesCongratulations! You have almost completed your studies. 

1) But, did you know that you have to formally apply to graduate?

Check out: the University registrar's website for step-by-step instructions on how to complete this important process.

2) Did you have a high school teacher who really helped you on your path to Queen's?  Nominate them for the Baillie Excellence in Secondary School Teaching award. 

3. Stay Involved

Keep building skills, experiences, and connections on and off campus.  For example, you could: 

  • join a club
  • volunteer
  • get a job 
  • go to an event, game, or seminar
  • and more!

Consider challenging yourself in new ways or search for new experiences in your final year. Be curious and never hesitate to ask questions.


4. Apply to Further Education (if applicable)

Are you interested in exploring more options for further education?

NEW!  Check out the Grad Maps

Have you explored Grad Studies at Queen's?

Have you explored further education (grad school, post-degree diplomas, certificates) elsewhere?  Come to the Career Fair to meet reps!

Two students hugging while wearing graduation robs

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Should I go to grad school?
  • Is grad school a necessity these days?
  • How many should I apply to?
  • Which programs are "better"?
  • What do I  need to get in?
  • What's the difference between grad school and professional school?
  • What does a Masters or PhD give me?
  • When should I do standardized tests (e.g. GRE, MCAT)
  • Is taking time off a good idea?

For help with these questions and more about further education, talk to professors and mentors and visit Career Services.


5. Attend Career Fairs & Information Sessions

View from above of a Queen's Career Fair in the ARC (lots of people milling around at booths)Are you looking to meet valuable networks in your field?

Check out: Queen's MyCareer to register for a vast number of workshops, company info-sessions, and career fairs to help QYourFuture! Attending career fairs and career/job search workshops will give you a chance to network, market your skills, build confidence, and meet face-to-face with employers and professionals.

Wondering What's Next? for you after graduation?

You're not alone!  Start by checking out What's Next? magazine. Written specifically for graduating students, this magazine is loaded with stories about recent Queen's grads as well as advertisements from recruiters interested in meeting YOU.  Still have questions?  Come to drop-in career advising hours at Career Services or book a 1-1 appointment with a career counsellor.


6. Attend QSAA Events

Photo of:  Group of students/alumni standing with the Queen's SuperfanThe Queen’s Student Alumni Association wants to help you succeed in your transition from student to alumni. Network with alumni at speaker events and learn practical skills at professional development workshops. 


Contact our Student Transition Chair, Anne Fergusson at  


7. Got Career Questions? Visit Career Services.

photo of Gordon Hall (Career Services is on the 3rd floor)Wondering about your options or how to get where you want to go?

  • Trying to get into further education?
  • Looking for work?
  • Want to explore career options?
  • Need to update your resume or review interview strategies?  

Career Services is FREE to students and recent grads up to one year post-graduation.  

We also offer telephone appointments if you’ve moved away from Kingston.  

Visit the Career Services website or meet their advisors in Gordon Hall (3rd floor).


8. Check Your Faculty's Graduation Webpage

cartoon drawing of a Queen's tamYour faculty may have specific instructions regarding your graduation.  Be sure to check in with them (some also have a specific graduation webpage for your faculty).

Arts & Science  |  Commerce  |  Engineering  |  Nursing  


9. Discover How It All Adds Up

Are you feeling stressed about your future career?

Female student holding her It All Adds UP BoardIn this era when many students report feeling anxious about their future careers, there is an innovative initiative for students, that started at Queen's.

“The It All Adds Up campaign encourages students to stop and add up what they are doing, inside and outside the classroom,” says Queen’s University career counsellor Christine Fader. “It’s eye-opening and a confidence boost.”  The campaign uses both Instagram photos and in-person conversations to help students reflect and share images about their academics, activities, and interests while attending post-secondary.  Check out #italladdsup on Instagram.

It takes about 2-5 minutes for students to participate.  Previous students offered the following after working through their own It All Adds Up board:

  • Wow, this was really helpful!
  • I didn’t realize how much I was already doing!
  • This is an awesome idea!
  • This is such a great thing to do.
  • I feel a lot calmer now!

Want to participate?  View photos of other students and post your own using #italladdsup on Instagram.


two female students, wearing convocation robes, huggingWelcome to the Queen’s alumni association!  Your tricolour community is committed to your success beyond graduation.

Check out: to learn about the benefits and how to stay in touch.

Need help celebrating? Attend Grad Bash in April 2019 to learn just how amazing the Queen's Alumni network really is!