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Building your ePortfolio can boost your career and academic success in many ways. Keeping track of your life experiences as they happen can improve your learning and grades, help you with resumes, interviews, or grad school apps – and help when you grapple with big questions about careers and what you want to do with your life! 

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Choosing a Platform

Potential Platforms - Graphic:  Wordpress; Wix; Blogger; LinkedIn; OnQ; SquareSpace; Weebly; Strikingly; CampusPress;
There are many different platforms available for creating ePortfolios, including an option within OnQ at Queen’s, or external services like Wix or CampusPress. For help with OnQ you can consult the following resources (for external services, you’ll need to pursue their tech support channels):

  • For basic technical support check out the help page from Queen’s Curriculum Teaching and Learning:
  • The University of Calgary has compiled a helpful list of links and resources to help you learn more including additional samples:

Sample ePortfolios