Presenting your ePortfolio

​Create an ePortfolio presentation to highlight the skills you developed and the impact of your projects.

When developing a presentation version of your ePortfolio to share with others, you have a lot of options and flexibility. Before you dive in, it helps to get focused by thinking about your key objectives. Many of the same principles of effective communication used for resumes, cover letters, or LinkedIn profiles will apply:

  • Consider your audience – who is reading this? what are their needs/interests?
  • Think of your key messages – what are the important points you want to convey?
  • Evidence - What evidence will you use to make your points? What stories or samples of your work?

Consider how you want to organize it:

  • Experience/role based (pages based on experiences like leadership, service, teaching, research, technical work, etc…)
  • Topic/Course based (focusing on subject matter)
  • Skills based (arranged by skills like communication, programming, organizational, marketing)
  • Hybrid version (with different types of sections – for example some skills, and some topic or experience)

Depending on how you want to organize it, decide what sections you want to include:

  • Home page/profile
  • Research experiences / coursework
  • Key skills
  • Resume
  • Testimonials
  • Goals and career aspirations
  • Contact information
  • Other sections as you see fit

Since your presentation is essentially a website, pay attention to basic web design principles including:

  • Keep it concise, minimize scrolling
  • Use simple fonts, use charts, images, link to documents
  • Check for typos and get feedback!
  • Consider privacy and confidentiality in the materials you include

Check these guides to make sure you are covering all the important aspects in developing your presentation: