Our Stories

Many students wonder where they're headed after graduation. Perhaps none more than Arts and Science students, whose career options can feel very broad. Here is a collection of Arts or Science grads who told us their stories in hopes that you might find inspiration and reassurance that, you too, will find your way.


Ben Baldwin, Film Studies (.pdf, 33 kB)

Michelle Barchuk, French (.pdf, 16 kB)

Jill Cannon, Psychology, Phys Ed (.pdf, 17 kB)

Hilary Chen, Political Studies (.pdf, 101 kB)

Shaney Crawford, Linguistics (.pdf, 34 kB)

Andrew Cuddihy, Biochemistry (.pdf, 15 kB)

Nicolette Felix, French (.pdf, 18 kB)

Avra Gibbs, Art History (.pdf ,31 kB)

Heather Grace, Canadian Studies (.pdf, 31 kB)

Brent Harrison, Economics (.pdf, 18 kB)

Brian Hawken, Computing & Information Science (.pdf, 32 kB)

Greg James, Cognitive Science (.pdf, 17 kB)

Karen Kelly, Arts & Phys Ed (.pdf, 18 kB)

Heidi Klashka, English, Psychology (.pdf, 16 kB)

Frank Provenzano, Arts & Phys Ed (.pdf, 32 kB)

Valerie Pruegger, Cross-cultural & Industrial Psychology (.pdf, 16 kB)

Mark Rayner, Drama (.pdf, 18 kB)

David Romance, Psychology (.pdf, 15 kB)

Eric Selnes, Biomechanics (.pdf, 25 kB)

Glen Shackleton, History (.pdf, 25 kB)

Rachelle Stenhouse, Biology (.pdf, 15 kB)

Heather Stewart, History (.pdf, 24 kB)

Maxime Tessier, Economics (.pdf, 17 kB)

Ron Tite, Arts & Phys Ed  (.pdf, 15 kB)

Nick Turner Commerce, Psychology, Management  (.pdf, 18 kB)

Ali Velshi, Religious Studies (.pdf, 18 kB)

Christine Zaporzan, History, Education (.pdf, 31 kB)



   Job Title

   Founder, Internet Start-up Company

   French Teacher

   Professional Fundraiser

   Management Consultant

   Executive Administrator

   Post-doctoral Fellow

   Owner, Translation Agency

   Web Communications Manager


   High Technology Management

   Senior Programming Analyst

   Computer Programmer/Analyst

   Sales Management

   Photojournalist & Adventurer

   Assistant GM, NHL Hockey Team

   Research Social Planner


   Compensation Analyst


   Haunted Tour Director

   Food Operations Manager



   Stand-up Comedian, Copywriter 

   International Business    Management

   CNN Business Journalist

   Education Marketing Assistant