Major Maps - Help Your Students with Career Questions

Help Your Students with Career Questions using Major Maps

We are pleased to let you know that the inaugural edition of the Queen’s Major Maps is launching this January 2015. The intent of these maps is to ease the stress that often accompanies career and academic decisions by providing an easy framework students can use for looking ahead to their time at Queen’s and beyond.

Major Maps: What are they?

The Major Maps are a series of 44 unique maps for each undergraduate department at Queen’s. They provide advice on academics, extracurriculars, networking, international opportunities and career planning that is tailored to each individual program.

How can I use the Major Maps?

The Major Maps are meant to be used as a tool to help students plan their time at Queen’s and prepare for life after university. In particular the maps can be useful in helping students to:

  • Choose a major or program plan and identify key learning opportunities
  • Find ways to get involved, network, and build experience
  • Look at career options after graduation and assess skills developed from their degree

To learn more about using the Major Maps with your students, please visit:

Where can I get them?

The Major Maps can be found online at Students can also pick up printed copies at Career Services, Arts & Science advising, and their department office. They will be available beginning in January 2015 while supplies last.

What about the “What can I do with a degree in…?” series?

The Major Maps will be replacing these tipsheets, as they incorporate information from them, in addition to much more content. Please adjust links on your website accordingly to point to the new Major Maps site at:

Got a question?

Please contact Career Services at or our reception desk at 613-533-2992.