Work Study Program

Queen’s Work Study program creates experiential learning opportunities for students with financial need. This program, which provides wage subsidies for on-campus units and non-profit organizations in Kingston, is offered jointly through Career Services and Financial Aid and Awards and is funded by Queen’s University.

Work Study opportunities not only provide students an important source of income, they also provide valuable experiences and opportunities for students to develop the necessary skills to succeed at Queen’s and post-graduation. 


"Having work-study students contribute to our research projects has been incredibly valuable. Their fresh perspective, enthusiasm, and dedication have brought a new dynamic to our team. Not only did they contribute to the workload efficiently, but their eagerness to learn enriched the overall research experience."

Jessica Montagner-Holder
Research, Grants and Finance Manager Department of Emergency Medicine, Queen’s University

How to Hire a Work Study Student

I need to find a candidate

Login to MyCareer to post a job. Make sure you select Work Study.

If you do not have access to MyCareer, register for a MyCareer account.

Post a Job on MyCareer

I have a student I want to hire

First, confirm with the student that they have Work Study Entitlement.

Second, complete the self-serve Work Study Employment Agreement and email it to

Complete a Work Study Employment Agreement

Please remember that work study roles are not to replace staff roles, but to provide an opportunity for students in financial need to receive priority for qualified part-time jobs during their academic terms. Also, please remember that student roles including Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Teaching Fellows, Graduate Research Assistants, and JD and MD Teaching Assistants at Queens are covered by the PSAC Unit 1 collective agreement. Additional information can be found on the Faculty Relations Office Website. Departments wishing to hire students through the Work Study program are responsible for first ensuring these arrangements comply with all provisions of Queen’s collective agreements and HR policies. Contact your HR Advisor prior to submitting a job posting should you have any questions. 

Please note that a student may not commence work until a signed agreement has been confirmed by Career Services and returned to the employer.

Late-Mar   Students can submit their application for entitlement (to Financial Aid and Awards)

Now          Employers can post their job opportunities for Summer term

15 Mar      Summer job postings available online to students

1 May       Students can begin work during their Summer term

1 Aug       Deadline for Work Study applications from students to Financial Aid and Awards for entitlement

31 Aug     Last day a Work Study employee enrolled in the Summer term can work

Mid-June     Students can submit their application for entitlement (to Financial Aid and Awards)

On-going     Employers can post their job opportunities for fall/winter terms.

19 Jul           Students can start to view fall/winter job postings on MyCareer.

3 Sep           Students can begin their fall/winter or fall term only Work Study position.

Mid-Sep      Deadline for students to submit applications to Financial Aid and Awards to receive entitlement.

31 Dec         Last day a fall term only Work Study employee can work.

2 Jan           Students can begin their winter term only Work Study position.

30 Apr         Last day a fall/winter term or winter term only Work Study employee can work.

Ready to post a job?  

Login to MyCareer to post a job now.

Make sure you have selected Work Study before you start posting.

If you do not already have access to MyCareer please register for a MyCareer account first.


  • Although you are faculty or staff at the University, for the purposes of hiring through Work Study, you are the "Employer"
  • Job descriptions are to be posted online through MyCareer, unless employers have a particular student in mind.
  • Students MUST first receive an entitlement from Financial Aid and Awards to be able to be considered for Work Study positions. 
  • The job posting must describe the application procedure and requirements; all Work Study applicants must apply as instructed on the job posting.
  • Departments wishing to hire students through the Work Study program are responsible for first ensuring that the work being performed is not covered by any collective agreement or other policy.
  • The department, faculty, school or organization which has posted the job is responsible for verifying eligibility of the candidates, arranging interviews, selecting a candidate, and making a job offer. 

Is there a deadline for posting my job?  

No, you can submit your job and hire a Work Study employee throughout the Fall/Winter or Summer terms (although it is not recommended to post near the end of the term when this phase of the program is wrapping up and getting ready to start the new phase).  See contract and instructions under "Work Study Contracts".


Please view the employer guide for full program details.

As a Work Study employer, there are two (2) options for hiring a Work Study employee:

  1. Post your Work Study job on MyCareer
    • Choose this option if you do not have a student in mind for this position.
    • Posting a job on MyCareer will enable you to collect resumes from students whose Work Study application have been approved (therefore they have an entitlement).
    • It is your responsibility to confirm with the student that they have received an entitlement from Financial Aid and Awards.
    • In MyCareer, go to " Jobs" and click "Work Study" 
      • If Work Study is not visible, please contact the Work Study Coordinator to update/confirm your permissions.


  2. Hire directly—do not post your Work Study job online
    • Choose this option if you have a student in mind for the position or if you are approached by a student expressing an interest in working for you or your department/non-profit organization AND who has had his/her application approved (therefore they have an entitlement) 
    • It is your responsibility to confirm with the student that they have received an entitlement from Financial Aid and Awards.

Once you have confirmed your student’s entitlement, Queen's employers may proceed with creating the Work Study Employment Agreement using our self-serve PDF.

This Work Study Employment Agreement must explicitly state the number of hours which the student is eligible to complete.

Once you have completed this form, including signatures from the supervisor, the student, and the Timekeeper, scan (as a pdf) and email this document to You must receive a confirmed Work Study Employment Agreement from the Work Study Program Coordinator to ensure the student has been hired under the Work Study program.

  1. Once your Agreement has been confirmed, a copy will be sent back to the department. 
  2. You will receive a Self-Audit Form from Financial Aid and Awards towards the end of the academic session.
  3. Once the Self-Audit Form has been completed and returned, you will receive a journal entry to the account code you provided.

Please note:  Operational need and student availability will influence the number of work hours available up to the maximum supported by the program, which is included on the signed agreement.

Thank you for considering becoming a Work Study employer!  We hope that this will be a rewarding experience for you and the students working with you.

Please note that a student may not commence work until a signed and confirmed Agreement has been issued by Career Services to you.


To meet our initial criteria for being eligible as a Non-Profit Organization to use the Work Study program you must be able to answer yes to each of the following statements:

  • Your organization is located in Kingston or area
  • You have a formal workplace (not in the employer's home)
  • Student will work at formal workplace under supervision
  • You have a business email address
  • You have a website
  • You have a registered charity number


  • Send an email to Coordinator ( with your request for 75% subsidy briefly outlining your purpose and circumstance for the request.
  • Submit a job description for each unique position you are hiring for.
  • Wait for approval decision before moving forward.
  • Post your position, interview and hire for your position, confirming students have a subsidy entitlement.
  • Send Work Study Coordinator request to hire student providing the student name and number.
  • Work Study Coordinator will complete Part 1 of the Agreement and send to employer to review, sign and send back to Coordinator along with Experiential Learning (EL) WrapAround Learning Reflection Form.
  • A copy of the confirmed Part 1 will be sent back to the employer.
  • Around mid-March, the Coordinator will send the employer a reminder to complete Part 2 of the Agreement and the EL WrapAround Learning Reflection Form for reimbursement.

If you have any questions please forward them to :


To work on campus in the Work Study Program students MUST have a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

International students cannot apply for a SIN until after being hired by a Work Study employer.

The Work Study subsidy only applies to students who have received an entitlement by Financial Aid and Awards.

To be eligible for a Work Study entitlement, students must meet the criteria for being in financial need.   

Student Entitlement Breakdown

$3,000      174 hours (International students only)
$2,000      116 hours
$1,500        87 hours 
$1,000        58 hours

Pay & Eligibility/Entitlements

The Work Study Program pays 75% of the used entitlement. The hourly wage for all Work Study positions is $17.20/hour (effective Sept 1, 2024) plus 4% vacation pay. As the employer, you are expected to pay 25% or $4.30 an hour, plus 4% vacation pay and all employer paid premiums. 

The Work Study subsidy does not cover the employer’s regulated deductions, i.e. Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI), Employment Health Tax (EHT), or Worker’s Compensation (WSIB). 

If employees work more hours than their entitlements allow, it is the employer’s responsibility to pay the full cost of that portion of the salary and benefits that exceeds the employees’ entitlements.

To ensure fairness for all students working under the program and to ensure a wide range of opportunities for students across the university, the rate of pay is $17.20/hour (effective Sept 1, 2024) for all work study positions.  The $17.20/hour standard rate of pay is not negotiable between individual employers and their respective work study applicants.

As an employer, do I have to provide all of the hours that the student is entitled to?

No. You may hire the student for a part of his/her entitlement. 

For example, if the student has an entitlement for 174 hours and you have work for only 50 hours, you can hire the student for the 50 hours. A student is permitted to accept more than one job as long as the combined total hours associated with all of the Work Study jobs do not exceed the amount specified of the entitlement. Please be sure to clearly communicate to the student how many hours you are prepared to offer him/her at the time you hire. 

Download the Student Work Study & SWEP Manual (PDF) which contains student guidelines and procedures for starting and succeeding in a Work Study position.   

Required Training – please have your student complete the following paid mandatory training