Internships (QUIP)

The Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) provides students with a 12-16 month internship experience. QUIP internships are paid, professionally supervised, career-related positions offering students the opportunity to learn about current practices, advances, and technologies in business and industry. 

The program is open to domestic and international undergraduate students in Smith Engineering, the Faculty of Arts and Science, the School of Computing, and the Faculty of Health Sciences. Students typically complete QUIP internships after third year and must return to school to complete their degree requirements after the internship. 

See How to Register for QUIP for information on how to register and access the QUIP Job Board. 

QUIP Drop-in Advising: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11AM -12PM EST. To access, please visit the MyCareer Events Calendar. 

Have questions?  View the QUIP FAQ below or connect with a QUIP Coordinator during QUIP Drop-in Advising – no appointment necessary!

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Current QUIP Students:

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You are eligible to register in QUIP if you meet all the following requirements
(to be verified by your department during registration)

  • Domestic or international student

  • Enrolled in one of the Programs listed below:

    • Smith Engineering: Bachelor of Applied Science 

    • Faculty of Arts and Science: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Bachelor of Science (Honours)

    • School of Computing: Bachelor of Computing (Honours)

    • Faculty of Health Science: Bachelor of Health Sciences (Online or On-Campus)

  • Typically, in second or third year of study:

    • Not eligible in first year

    • Must have completed second year before starting the internship

    • Must be returning to Queen's to complete degree requirements after your internship

  • Minimum GPA of 1.9

International students completing their undergraduate degree at Queen's University require a Co-op/Intern Work Permit from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to participate in QUIP. International students participating in QUIP may need to apply to extend their Study Permit to reflect the new completion date of their degree. After registration, students will be provided with a letter from the QUIP office to submit with their application to IRCC, along with further instructions. Please connect with the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) to learn more about the requirements for work and study permits.

  • Test drive your career 

  • Take a break from academics and start applying your skills to the workplace

  • Return to your final year of studies with renewed energy and deeper understanding of course materials

  • Earn and learn to reduce your debt; most scholarships can be deferred (check with Financial Aid and Awards) and students may be able to defer interest payments on government assistance loans

  • Make valuable business/industry contacts to build your professional network

  • Learn what employers really want from new grads

  • Make ties with other interns, take a mentor role by sharing your experience with other students

  • Return to Queen's with an impressive resume and have more experience to start your post-graduation job search

Want to learn about QUIP and hear from a recent intern?

To register for a QUIP Information Session, visit the MyCareer Events Calendar.

Date Time Location Registration Link
Wednesday, June 5, 2024 5:30 - 6:30 pm Zoom Registration Link
Thursday, July 18, 2024 12 - 1 pm  Zoom Registration Link

The following chart provides a guide to the peak recruitment periods in QUIP.  However, recruitment activities can take place throughout the year and students are encouraged to register and begin applying as soon as possible, and monitor the QUIP job board until they have secured a suitable position. 

Typical Recruitment Periods


Internship Start Dates Suggested Student Registration Period* Jobs Posted Applications and Interviews Interviews and Offers Extended
January or May September September to October October October to November
May or September September to January January to February February February to March
September September to May May to June June to July June to July

*Registration in QUIP is ongoing. We recommend registering as early as possible in order to maximize the time available for attending workshops, 1-1 advising appointments, and exploring internship opportunities.

Registration for QUIP is open year-round. We recommend registering as early as possible to maximize the time you can spend engaging in the internship search process.

  1. Ensure you are eligible to register for QUIP by reviewing the “Eligibility” section above

  2. Send the below email template to your department or Undergraduate Programs Assistant to request your Undergraduate Chair’s approval to register for QUIP

  3. When you receive the approval from your department, log in to MyCareer and from the left bar select “QUIP” and “QUIP Registration & Records.” From the top right of the screen, click “Apply to a Program,” search for your program and click “Apply”

    • FAS: Faculty of Arts and Science

    • Smith Engineering

    • FHS: Faculty of Health Science

    • COMP: School of Computing

      • COCA students must apply to FAS: Faculty of Arts and Science

  4. Complete all the information, upload the original email that you sent and the approval from your department and click “Submit Application”

  5. You will receive an email indicating that your QUIP Registration is in process and the instructions to pay the $35 QUIP registration fee. Only VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX credit cards are accepted (no debit cards or cash)

  6. You will receive an email when your registration has been approved by the QUIP Office

Email Templates - Department Permission to Register in QUIP (Word, 15 KB)

Department Permission Contact Name and Emails 2023-24 (PDF, 211 KB)


  • You will receive a "Welcome to QUIP" email and be entered into the QUIP OnQ

    • Sign up for the required QUIP workshops through the MyCareer Events Calendar. The expectation is that students attend the required workshops prior to applying to positions. If you have an application deadline coming up, and are not able to complete the workshops before hand, please contact

      Workshops FEAS FAS FHS COMP

      Resume and Cover Letter

      Required Required Required Required

      Interview Strategies

      Required Required Required Required

      Internship Search Strategy

      Not Required but Recommended Required Required Not Required but Recommended
  • Email if you would like to book an appointment with a QUIP Coordinator. Below are examples of appointment topics:

    • Resume and cover letter review

    • Interview preparation

    • Internship search strategy

    • Offer decision making

QUIP provides comprehensive support for your internship job search, including:

  • Active online job posting board in MyCareer: We continuously work with employers to bring internship opportunities to the program
  • Targeted employer outreach: If you are not finding the opportunities you are interested in on the job board, speak with an Internship Coordinator. We are interested in learning more about what your career interests are and how we can work together to find new targeted opportunities
  • Opportunities to meet employers: You can chat with employers at career fairs and information sessions and ask about possible internship opportunities. Each year there are all-career fields Career Fairs, and Engineering and Technology specific fairs. We also host many employer information sessions, usually in September and October. See the MyCareer Events Calendar for current offerings
  • Job search strategy workshops: In addition to the required QUIP workshops, you can also access other Career Services workshops to improve your job search preparation and strategies. See the MyCareer Events Calendar for current offerings
  • One-on-one coaching: You can meet with an Internship Coordinator to fine-tune your approach

Once you secure an internship, we’ll help ensure you leave prepared with our online interactive pre-departure sessions.

It does take work to secure an internship, but we are here to help you be successful. Please contact the QUIP team at any time to reach out for assistance.

Smith Engineering students 

As a Smith Engineering student, you will be enrolled in and receive academic credit for courses APSC 302/3.5, APSC 303/3.5 and either APSC 301 or APSC 304. The academic weight of these courses total 10.5 units for a 12 month internship and 14.0 units for a 16 month internship; they do not replace required courses. Courses APSC 302 and APSC 303 carry tuition fee of 3.5 units per course and the tuition for them is due September 1st. You are required to complete a work term report or seminar for evaluation at the end of your internship, as well as successful employer performance evaluations after four, eight and twelve months. Your diploma will read: Bachelor of Applied Science, with Professional Internship. Note that some programs may accept APSC 303 as part of their technical elective/complimentary studies requirements. Credit may only be granted to students who have successfully fulfilled the necessary requirements to receive the Professional Internship designation.

School of Computing students 

Students in a Bachelor of Computing (Honours) plan (code BCH) can register to do a Professional Internship version of their plan. The courses COMP 390/6.0, COMP 391/3.0, COMP 392/3.0 and COMP 393/3.0 allow students to continue to be registered during their internship placement. Satisfactory completion of a written internship report following completion of the internship enables the student to receive course credits, plus transcript and diploma annotations for the Professional Internship. The internship replaces the relevant undergraduate project course requirements (CISC 496/3.0 or CISC 498/6.0 or CISC 499/3.0 or COGS 499/3.0). Your transcript and diploma are annotated to indicate a degree with a Professional Internship. For more information, visit the School of Computing Internship webpage.

Faculty of Arts and Science students

Students who complete an internship are eligible for a Bachelor of Arts (or Science) degree with a Professional Internship designation on their transcript and degree.  The program consists of the current BAH or BSCH program requirements plus additional courses totalling 6.0 units, INTN 301/1.5; INTN 302/1.5; INTN 303/3.0 or (INTN 304/1.5 and INTN 305/1.5). These courses are taken in addition to the required courses that are part of the student’s degree program. They do not replace any required or elective courses in the program.  At the discretion of the student’s home department, students may optionally enrol in 3.0 – 6.0 units of independent study coursework. These additional courses may be used as academic credit towards their Major, Medial, Specialization Plan, or Elective requirements.

Faculty of Health Sciences students

Health Sciences students in BHSc programs (on-campus and online) who successfully complete an internship will receive a Professional Internship designation on their degree. Students will be enrolled and charged tuition for the following courses: HSCI 301/1.5; HSCI 302/1.5; HSCI 303/3.0 (12-month internships) or HSCI 304/1.5; HSCI 305/1.5 (16-month internships).  These courses are taken in addition to the courses that are part of the student’s degree program, and thus, they do not replace any required or elective courses in the program.  Students may optionally enrol in only one additional course during each internship term, to a maximum of 3.0 units per term.

As part of your participation in the Internship Program, your performance will be evaluated by your employer at the end of 4, 8, and 12 months. You will receive further notice via email when a performance evaluation is required for your position. Remember that your performance evaluation is intended to help you grow both personally and professionally, so be prepared to take an active part in it.

You may refer to the sample of the Performance Evaluation Form for more information.

QUIP Performance Evaluation Employer View.pdf

Looking for more information about the QUIP? Download our FAQ guide below:

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 455 KB)

"As a Course Development Intern with the Office of Professional Development & Educational Scholarship, I assisted with the development of online learning modules in health sciences for undergraduate, graduate, and professional learners.

Through this internship, I developed many transferable skills including confidence with public speaking, project management, and mentorship. I also became more proficient with instructional communication, which is the process of translating complex concepts into easily understandable language."

Kaamraan Islam