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Help your students become more clear and confident in their skills!

The Queen’s Skills Cards can help students:Queen's Skills Cards fanned out for display

  • Reflect on the connections between their academics (degree or specific courses) and the skills they have developed
  • Activate their learning from for-credit or not-for-credit experiential learning activities
  • Prepare to speak with employers or graduate programs
  • Gain confidence in telling their unique stories


What are the Skills Cards?

Skills cards are a physical and digital set of 44 cards describing a comprehensive list of skills that students can develop during their studies (both in and outside of classes), and that correlate with skills employers are seeking.

Each card includes a definition of the skill and an example of a student using that skill in the Queen’s context. The skills are organized into 11 categories, and each category contains four cards:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Growth Mindset
  • Engaged Citizenship
  • Inclusivity and Intercultural Competence
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Self-Awareness
  • Thinking ​


How can I use the Skills Cards?

The Skills Cards are available as a physical deck of cards, an interactive digital tool, and a PDF. Whichever version students use, they will sort the cards based on their own strengths and preferences, and leave with a summary of their skills assessment. Students can use either of the digital versions on their own, or a Career Counsellor can guide them through using the physical or digital version.