Post a Job in MyCareer

MyCareer is Queen’s University’s one-stop career portal for students and recent alumni of all years, programs and disciplines. Included on MyCareer is a Job Board that offers employers FREE job postings.

Due to the volume of postings we receive, the job board is self-serve. Once you create an account, you can quickly create new job postings.

Creating a MyCareer account provides employers with tools to enhance their Queen’s recruiting process including:

  • Tracking how many times your job has been viewed, and by how many unique viewers
  • Collecting job applications
  • Tracking the number of received applications
  • Editing and re-posting jobs
  • Scheduling interviews with applicants

Before Posting

If you are new to the MyCareer job board, please take a moment to review our Employer Terms & Conditions (PDF, 860 KB).

Account applications or job posting submissions which do not adhere to these conditions may be decline

Employers and Recruiters Login

  1. Register for a new account in MyCareer. Your application will be reviewed by Career Services staff within 2 business days.
  2. Log in to MyCareer and follow these instructions (PDF, 844 KB) to submit a job posting. Each posting is reviewed by our staff, and provided there are no issues, approved within 2 business days. An email confirmation will be sent containing the site address to view your posting.

Log in to MyCareer 

Employers and Recruiters Login

Below are tips to get your job noticed and increase the number of applications received:

  • Include as much detail as possible in your job description.
    • Talk about your company! What do you do? What is different about your organization?
    • What type of candidate are you looking for? Use descriptive words that students can identify with.
    • How does this role fit into your organization? Do you have a team this individual will be a part of? What are they working towards?
    • What are the responsibilities associated with this position? Provide as many as possible!
    • What are the qualifications? Do not overload on technical skills. Remember: Students are new to the job market but are very willing to learn!
  • Be active on campus. Connect with students at our Career Fairs or design a Recruitment Event.
  • Consider purchasing a Featured Posting for $75 to increase your reach.

Featured Postings are an excellent way of increasing traffic to your job posting. This paid service puts your job posting on the landing page that students see when they click on 'Search Job Postings' in the MyCareer portal. Featured Postings are available for $75/posting and remain featured until the job application deadline.

To create a Featured Posting, create a job post as usual. Once you submit your posting, you will be directed to a checkout screen where you will have the option to "Feature" your posting. 

While all Queen's students and recent alumni have access to MyCareer, Business Students, Law Students, and Teacher Candidates have access to separate job boards hosted by their faculties.