Part-Time and Work Study Program

Work Study Program 

The Work Study Program is offered jointly through Career Services and the Financial Aid and Awards Office and is funded by Queen’s University. The objective of the Work Study Program is to provide an opportunity for students with financial need to receive priority for certain part-time jobs during their academic terms. 

  • The Work Study entitlement value is not a monetary award, you will earn an hourly wage if you are hired for a Work Study employment position; an hourly wage is paid as employment income directly to you by your Work Study employer.
  • Financial Aid and Awards will inform students of their Work Study entitlement via email from


How to Apply for Work Study Positions

I have a Work Study Entitlement

If you have received confirmation of Work Study Entitlement, you can appy to job postings through the Work Study Job Board or find a position on your own on Queen's Campus or with a local not-for-profit organization. 

New employers will need to contact to confirm their eligibility.

Search MyCareer

I don't know if I have an Entitlement

Submit an application to Queen's Financial Aid and Awards to apply for entitlement.

If you do not receive a Work Study Entitlement, please visit our general job board in MyCareer to view other part-time job opportunities.

Apply for Work Study Entitlement

Please note that you may not commence work until a signed contract has been confirmed by Career Services and returned to your employer.

International Students 

Are you an international student wondering if Work Study is still available to you? Yes it is! There are a few things you will need to be aware of: 

  • If you are in Canada and the duties of the position are delivered on campus or remotely, please follow the department's hiring process. You will need to have a valid Study Permit and Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • If you are new to Queen's and outside of Canada, please visit the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) website or contact to learn about work eligibility in Canada.

Now           Employers can post their job opportunities for Summer term

15 Mar       Students can start to view summer job postings on MyCareer.

                  Check back frequently as jobs can be posted at anytime after this date.

Late Mar   Students can submit their application for entitlement (to Financial Aid and Awards)

1 May        Students can begin work during their summer term

1 Aug        Deadline for students to apply for Work Study entitlement (to Financial Aid and Awards)

31 Aug      Last day summer Work Study employees can work

Mid-June     Students can submit their application for entitlement (to Financial Aid and Awards)

On-going     Employers can post their job opportunities for fall/winter terms.

19 Jul           Students can start to view fall/winter job postings on MyCareer.

3 Sep           Students can begin their fall/winter or fall term only Work Study position.

Mid-Sep      Deadline for students to submit applications to Financial Aid and Awards to receive entitlement.

31 Dec         Last day a fall term only Work Study employee can work.

2 Jan           Students can begin their winter term only Work Study position.

30 Apr         Last day a fall/winter term or winter term only Work Study employee can work.

Log in to MyCareer with your Student NetID:

  • View job postings under the Work Study job board in MyCareer
  • View all the positions that interest you
  • Follow the application instructions under each job posting

Not finding any jobs that interest you?

  • View job postings under the Work Study job board in MyCareer
  • You can find your own position:
    • Approach faculty, staff, or departments and let them know you have a Work Study entitlement
    • If they are not familiar with the Work Study program, have them contact the program coordinator at

Please note: Operational need and student availability will influence the number of work hours available, up to the maximum provided by the program, which is posted on your signed agreement.

To work on campus in the Work Study Program students must have a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

International students cannot apply for a SIN until after being hired by a Work Study employer.

The rate of pay is $17.20 per hour (effective September 1, 2024) plus vacation pay. 

Summer 2024 positions pay $16.55 per hour.

The Work Study subsidy only applies if you have received an entitlement from Financial Aid and Awards.

Fall/Winter 2024 Entitlement Breakdown

$3,000      174 hours (International students only)
$2,000      116 hours
$1,500        87 hours 
$1,000        58 hours

View the Student Guide to SWEP and Work Study.

This guide contains contains guidelines and procedures for starting and succeeding in a Work Study position.   

"Being a Marketing Assistant at Queen's allows me to put my creative passion to good use. The position also allows me to gain a realistic perspective and experience in my major - Marketing, and put my best foot forward to prepare for my future career path."

Kate Nguyen

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