Exploring Your Major

Wondering about Career Options?

Many students wonder about how the decisions they're making now will affect them in the future.  

You might have questions like: 

  • Which degree is best for me?
  • How can I figure out what I want to do?
  • What are the options with this degree?
  • How do I get where I want to go?
  • What have other people done?
  • How do I make decisions that are right for me?

If you're thinking about these or other career questions, you're not alone!

What it is

An online tool to help you learn about career options.  It has an interest "test" as well as detailed descriptions of thousands of real, Canadian job roles, information about how to get there, and videos of people who work in those careers.  


FREE to Queen's students

Find it

Career Services has a subscription to this website.  Please contact our Reception at 613-533-2992 to obtain the ID code and password, then proceed to www.careercruising.com