Hire a QUIP Intern

Interested in creating an experiential learning internship? The Queen's Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) offers on-campus employers an opportunity to hire students for 12 – 16 month paid internships. Interns bring their education and energy to work settings, making a valuable contribution to university departments.

 The On-Campus QUIP Manual - 2023-2024  (PDF 2.9 MB) provides full details about hiring a QUIP intern in your department.

How could a student contribute to your unit?

Please remember that student roles are not to replace staff roles, but add additional capacity with positions that are best suited for students. Please check with your contact your HR Advisor if you have any questions. Consider the following:

  • What skills may students bring?
  • What work is not being done that a student could do? 
  • What projects have we wanted to do but never had capacity for?
  • What tasks can be collated into a role?
  • What research (e.g., literature review, scan of best practices) could benefit or enhance our work?
  • What student roles have we had in the past that we could adapt to a remote context?

Past On-Campus QUIP internships include:

  • Marketing and Communications Intern
  • Course Design and Development Specialist
  • Corporate Relations and Data Analyst
  • Project Coordinator Intern
  • Student Campus Wellness Coordinator
  • Software Development Intern
  • Sustainability Intern
  • Student Energy Engineer
  • And many more!

  1. Download and review the On-Campus QUIP Manual (PDF 2.9 MB)
    • Pages 3-7 provide a step-by-step guide to creating an internship position for QUIP and HR approval through to on-boarding the new intern.
  2. Review the On-Campus Employer Resources section of this webpage

  3. Create a Job Description for the intended positions and email a copy to quip@queensu.ca. The QUIP team will review and approve the opportunity for program eligibility.

  4. Download the Approval to Create a QUIP Internship Form (HR-FRM-057) (PDF, 342 KB)This HR form needs to be completed and signed with two approval signatures to confirm departmental funding is available for the internship. Please email this form to quip@queensu.ca when complete.

  5. When the job description and HR form have been sent to the QUIP office, the role can be posted on the MyCareer – QUIP job board. If required, you can ask the QUIP team for assistance in posting the position.

We offer support to on-campus partners throughout the entire internship process, from the recruitment to internship phase.

Recruitment Phase

  • We follow a continuous recruitment cycle, so you can post internship positions, interview students, and extend offers when it is convenient for you
  • We offer assistance with job postings, interview scheduling, and offer extension
  • We promote on-campus internship positions to campus partners (faculty offices/student groups)

Internship Phase

  • We prepare students for the transition from academic study to work settings through 1-1 advising and professional workshops
  • We encourage student learning and skill development through reflection and evaluation components while on internship
  • The QUIP team is always available to offer support to employers and students – email quip@queensu.ca 

For an overview of Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program, visit the QUIP webpage.

Tips for creating a job description

  • Consider keeping experience requirements low and relative to the amount of experience students would likely have had.
  • Rather than hiring from only one specific degree, consider being open to students from different academic backgrounds; they may have the skills you're looking for. 
  • Students may be hesitant to apply if they don't have the specific degree or experience requirements you've listed.
  • List core responsibilities so that students know what they'll be accountable for, but don't go overboard with acronyms and jargon. Focus the job description on the key skills and experiences you want students to highlight for you in their application packages.
  • Explain how the student will be supervised and mentored during their internship, as well as the learning opportunities that the role will include.
  • Include a clear list of items you expect in an application package (i.e. resume, cover letter, transcript).

 Sample Job Description - On-Campus Employers (PDF, 149 KB)

Additional Resources