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Pathy Foundation Fellowship logoAre you up for the challenge?  

One year.  One project.  Unleash your potential.

The Pathy Fellowship provides community-focused experiential learning opportunities for graduating students to become active and effective change-makers, bringing new ideas and working closely with communities to foster sustainable and positive social change in Canada and around the world.

The year-long fellowship is for graduating students who have:

  • demonstrated the capacity and potential to develop as effective change-agents;
  • meaningful connection with a community of their choosing locally, nationally or internationally; and,
  • either have an innovative idea of how this community could be strengthened or developed OR a connection with a positive sustainable community development initiative in any field already underway within this community that they would like to build upon.

Successful candidates will receive up to $40,000 in funding.

Want to hear more about the Pathy Fellowship Experience and why we think this is such an amazing post-graduate experience? Check out the Campus Beat podcast where former Pathy Program Assistant and returned fellow, JP Dobson, shares insights about his experience!


Upcoming Events

Pathy is offering three types of events in 2024; Virtual Info Sessions, Workshops and Group Application Support. See our expandable menus for more information and dates.   You can register for events and advising using Pathy's LinkTree.

Pathy Foundation Fellowship Group Application Support provides candidates who are interested in applying for the Fellowship with a space to ask questions and support one another in developing their applications. This one-hour workshop will consist of introductions, a preliminary Q&A session with the Program Assistant, candidate breakout rooms to discuss project ideas, and an additional Q&A with the Program Assistant.  

Join us to get answers to your most pressing questions, connect with like-minded peers, and receive support in developing your project idea and application from the Program Assistant and other candidates! 

“Turn Your Passion into a Path(y Project)” is an interactive workshop that helps you explore your passions and facilitates project ideation in a group setting to support you in preparing to apply to the Pathy Foundation Fellowship. Whether you’re about to graduate and are trying to figure out what comes next, or you’re just starting out in your post-secondary career but are looking toward the future, this session is for you!  

In this workshop, you’ll work through the initial steps of project ideation and come away with resources and steps that will help you make your passions a concrete part of the rest of your life through the Pathy Foundation Fellowship. Join us and connect with like-minded peers, share your ideas and experiences, and learn about how you can action your passions and skills to make a positive impact in the world around you. Unlock your potential, and turn your passion into a path.

Use Pathy's LinkTree to book 1-1 appointments on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday with the Pathy Program Assistant, Courtney Murdoch.  Courtney completed a Pathy Fellowship in 2021-22 and now plays a critical role in coordinating the fellowship; we highly encourage all applicants to meet with Courtney for feedback on their project ideas and applications.  


June 17th, 2pm Eastern/3pm Atlantic: Virtual Info Session (1 hour)

June 25th, 5pm Eastern/6pm Atlantic: Turn Your Passion into a Path (2 hours)



August 14th, 5pm Eastern/6pm Atlantic: Virtual Info Session (1 hour)



September 11th, 3pm Eastern/4pm Atlantic: Turn Your Passion into a Path (2 hours)

September 16th, 11am Eastern/12pm Atlantic: Virtual Info Session (1 hour)

September 26th, 5pm Eastern/6pm Atlantic: Group Application Support (1 hour)

Application Timeline

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2024-25 Queen's Pathy Fellow

Congratulations to the following successful fellow!

Damai Siallagan headshot

Damai Siallagan

Community: The Batak Toba of the village of Tuktuk Siadong, Indonesia 

Initiative Synopses: Proyek Pangabahan Digital (Propangdi): Digital Cultural Development

Damai’s initiative aims to develop skills in navigating digital landscapes to better prepare local Indigenous communities to adapt their services to grow in the tourism sector of Lake Toba, Indonesia. He plans to work with local entrepreneurs in the tourism sector to help them develop better digital skills and offer training on market research and implementing online feedback.

To find out more about previous Queen’s Pathy Fellows, check out the articles in the Queen's Gazette profiling the 2017-2018 Fellows2018-2019 Fellows, 2021-22 Fellows, and 2023-24 Fellows.


For more information, please contact the Queen’s Pathy Fellowship Advisor at