Hiring Students Toolkit

Welcome to the Hiring Students Toolkit! 

We can make a difference for students! Co-curricular engagement—in particular, through on-campus positions—is a hallmark of the Queen’s experience. These roles include paid part-time jobs, peer positions and other volunteer roles, involvement in research activities, and roles in student organizations.  

"Student positions are an essential part of the Queen’s experience—thank you to all departments that have maintained existing roles and created new roles where possible."

Mark Green, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)   

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Queen’s has worked hard to maintain student work experiences, primarily through remote work arrangements.  As we plan for a safe return to campus in 2021-22, Queen’s wants to continue to offer students as many on-campus work experiences as possible through remote, in-person or hybrid work arrangements. In addition to the impact on students themselves, student positions can also have an immensely positive impact on the department.  

Thanks for coming here to learn more about how you can support this goal. Since we know you are busy, we’ve developed the tools on this page to make it easy to create, recruitonboard, and supervise student roles to support the Queen’s student experience. 

I want to...


Create a new student role in my unit or adapt an existing student role to be remote or hybrid 


Find and select a student for a paid or volunteer role


Set yourself and your students up for success

 Do you already hire students? Want to enhance your student hiring? Start at Step 2!


Incentives & Subsidies

Governments and other organizations sometimes provide hiring incentives for employers. Each program will have unique eligibility criteria. Read more about them here.

Health & Safety Considerations

As always, the health and safety of Queen's student staff and volunteers is paramount. Roles should be created in accordance with the Queen’s University Campus Re-opening Framework and current public health guidelines; this may mean remote, in-person or hybrid roles depending on the current state of pandemic-related guidelines. Departments must apply extra consideration to ensure all student staff and volunteers feel safe at work or at their volunteer opportunity during this returning period. For more information, visit  Looking Forward | Queen's Fall 2021 Safe Return to Campus (queensu.ca).

If you have any questions about health and safety for student staff and volunteers, please contact the Department of Environmental Health & Safety at safety@queensu.ca or ext. 32999.

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