Recruit a Student

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Hiring is an important time to consider equity, diversity, and inclusion. Using Queen’s central job board, MyCareer, to post your role will increase visibility and access, especially to students from equity-seeking groups.

Tips for Hiring Students on Campus

To start, take a look of different types of positions you can recruit students into on campus.

Student Casual Roles 

  • Assisting with projects, communications, events, and/or administration 
  • Students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program are eligible 

Queen’s Undergraduate  Internship Program (QUIP) 

  • Project and administration on coordination 
  • Information and technical systems  
  • Communications  
  • Finance and accounting 
  • Students in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, the Faculty of Arts and Science, the School of Computing in their 2nd or 3rd year of studies and must be returning to complete their final academic requirements after the internship
  • For more information, visit the QUIP webpage 

Work Study Program 

  • Project and administration on coordination 
  • Students must meet the criteria for being in financial need 
  • Visit the information page for faculty/staff on the Work Study Program webpage 

Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) 

  • Project and administration coordination   
  • Students must be currently registered in a full-time Queen’s undergraduate degree program and be returning to a full-time degree program in the fall (i.e. not graduating this year)  
  • Visit the information page for faculty/staff on the SWEP program webpage 

Volunteer student positions  

If you have specific questions about hiring students in the Work Study Program, the Summer Work Experience Program, and the Queen's Undergraduate Internship Program, please email respectively to:

  • Work Study Program:
  • Summer Work Experience Program:  
  • Queen's Undergraduate Internship Program:  

Information about hiring international students

International students are eligible for employment opportunities at Queen's. The hiring process for on campus employment opportunities remains the same (valid Study Permit, work permit and SIN). This includes duties performed remotely or not, but within Canada. For more information on international students' eligibility to work please visit the Queen’s University International Centre website or contact QUIC at

Post your position on MyCareer and share it in online networks

Easy steps to create your account and post your role

Step 1: Set up an account

  1. Visit the MyCareer employer registration page here
  2. Fill in all necessary information and Submit Registration
  3. You will receive an email thanking you for your registration. Confirmation of your registration will arrive in 1-2 business days to the same email address.

Once your account has been approved, you can proceed to…

Step 2: Post a student role (paid or unpaid)

  1. From the MyCareer website, select the Faculty & Staff tab at the top
  2. Login in using your full email address and password
  3. Click on ‘General Job Postings’ from the left hand side menu
    • To Post a New Job, click the blue ‘Post a New Job’ button at the top of the page.
      • Select where you would like to post a job
      • Read and accept the terms and conditions
      • Fill in all required information for your job posting
      • Submit posting for approval. You will be directed to a checkout page where you can select whether you would like to pay to have your posting featured. Make your selection and continue with checkout.
    • To Repost an Existing Job, click the blue ‘Repost a Job’ button at the top of the page.
      • From the tab ‘All Job Postings,’ locate the position you wish to renew and click the blue ‘Repost’ button on the right
      • Update any information as required and click ‘Submit Posting for Approval.’
  4. Your job posting has been submitted for processing. You will be notified by email once this is complete. Please note that this may take 1 to 2 business days

Consider how best to get the word out online

Career Services will regularly post social media messages to encourage students to check job postings on MyCareer, but any additional promotion you decide to do can add to the reach of your posting. Here are some options:

  • Students may follow local and campus news, as well as e-newsletters to stay connected (e.g., The Journal, Faculty email newsletter). If you hope to reach to more diverse student populations, consider advertising your job posting information in these places.
  • If your department has an email list that goes to students in your area, include information about your position(s).
  • Join the Virtual Career Fair this fall to reach to more students who are interested in working in your organization and field.

Promote equitable hiring

Queen’s students, faculty, and staff come from every imaginable background, learn how to create an equitable hiring process for potential candidates.
  1. Posting the Role
    • Posting the role centrally on MyCareer, promote through multiple channels, avoid using personal networks
    • Including a diversity statement
    • Avoid jargon and acronyms, use clear language
    • Use gender neutral language (Gender Decoder)
    • Avoid the overreliance of "word of mouth" advertising as this can limit your ability to reach diverse candidates
    • Ensure sufficient time for the job posting to be available 
  2. Interview Invitation
    • When the interview will take place, and for how long
    • Where the interview is virtually or geographically located, and how to access that space
    • Who will be present during the interview
    • What the structure of the interview might be so that candidates know what to expect
    • See sample interview invite
    • Include a statement that indicates the unit's willingness to provide accommodations for candidates. Ensure a system is in place for candidates to request these accommodations, if needed.
  3. Interview Process
    • Share a few behavioural questions by email 15 minutes in advance of the interview for candidates to review
    • Structured interview
    • Write a clear rubric with a scale and examples
    • Have multiple interviews, consider perspective and representation in your panel composition
    • Ask competency-based and behavioural questions—e.g., Describe your approach to building relationships with team members, tell me about a time when..."
    • Ensure that your hiring committee has a broad understanding of cultural norms and how they could different depending on the candidate's background
    • Have an inclusive interpretation of responses that considers English as an additional language, learning styles, and communication approaches
  4. Deliberation Process
    • Challenge possible biases in your own and fellow panelists' assessments of candidates
    • Avoid using "fit" or "gut feelings" as they often favour candidates with similar backgrounds to you and can undermine equity
    • Refrain from considering external information when thinking about the candidate's abilities
    • Ensure your hiring committee is reflective of the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds

Source: Queen's HREO and University of Toronto CACUSS webinar​​​

To learn more, the Human Rights and Equity Office offers Employment Equity for Staff training.

Register in the EL WrapAround

EL WrapAround is a low-time-commitment, high-impact strategy tool that supervisors and students can use to engage in productive conversations about how to get the most out of an on-campus student role. Participation in the EL WrapAround is a requirement for all Work Study and SWEP roles, but is available to all student positions on campus.

To learn more about this simple but impactful strategy, please visit the EL WrapAround webpage.

Register in the EL WrapAround by emailing

If you are ready to onboard a student, visit Step 3: Onboard a Student for some checklists and tips!