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Queen's Skills Cards 

The Queen’s Skills Cards are the proud recipient of the 2020 Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) Award for Innovation in Student Engagement. The Skills Cards are a hands-on, fun way to help students name and describe their skills so they can approach the world of work with greater clarity and confidence.

During a time of physical distancing, we have created the Queen's Skills Cards online version (1.3 MB) so that you can still use this powerful tool.

    The Queen's Skills Cards Are:

    What students have to say about the Skills Cards:

I came in here really anxious about writing my resume and applying for summer internships, but this gave me more confidence. I realized that I do have some relevant experiences - even if they're not all related to my major! 

                                                                                     -2nd year Computing student

I don't normally think about my skills as much as my 'options after graduation.' This activity helped me see that there are many options, and deciding which is the best fit is more about what I enjoy and what I am good at than just the title of my degree. 

                                                                                       -4th year Psychology student

The Skills Cards gave me a way to describe skills I already knew I had, but didn't know how to explain to employers - particularly those outside of academia (such as 'Diverse Sources and Forms of Knowledge').  

                                                                                                    -MA student in Global Development


If you are interested in further exploring your skills, and learning more about how different career options may suit your strengths, please book a Career Consultation.
If you would like a Career Counsellor to facilitate activities in your class or for your student organization, please book an Outreach Workshop.


Career Services would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who made this resource possible: QUIC and Four Directions for your expertise; the student prototype testing group for your insights as we fine-tuned the content and style of the cards; and Ally Mastantuono, Libbie Davies, Miguel Hahn, Josh Zettel, and Julia Witmer for your creative ideas and dedicated work.