Pathy Fellowships

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One year.  One project.  Unleash your potential.

The Pathy Fellowship provides community-focused experiential learning opportunities for graduating students to become active and effective change-makers, bringing new ideas and working closely with communities to foster sustainable and positive social change in Canada and around the world.

The year-long fellowship is for graduating students who have:

  • demonstrated the capacity and potential to develop as effective change-agents;
  • meaningful connection with a community of their choosing locally, nationally or internationally; and,
  • either have an innovative idea of how this community could be strengthened or developed OR a connection with a positive sustainable community development initiative in any field already underway within this community that they would like to build upon.

Successful candidates will receive up to $40,000 in funding.

Want to hear more about the Pathy Fellowship Experience and why we think this is such an amazing post-graduate experience? Check out the Campus Beat podcast where former Pathy Program Assistant and returned fellow, JP Dobson, shares insights about his experience!

Upcoming Events

  • Candidate Info Sessions: July 27, 3:30-4:30 pm EST & August 2, 1:00-2:00 pm EST. Register here
  • Student Advising Hours with Pathy Program Assistant, Courtney Murdoch (Pathy Alum): August 8-12 & 17.  Book here

Application Timeline

  • Applications for the 2023-24 Fellowship will open in September 2022.
  • Visit the Pathy website for more information about eligibility criteria and to complete an Expression of Interest.
  • For an initial 1-1 advising appointment with the Queen's Pathy Fellowship Advisor, email:

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Queen's 2021-2022 Fellow

Prishni's Initiative: "Coming together to target family violence," Start With Youth, Toronto,ON

Listen to Prishni talk about her project and her experience with the Pathy fellowship on the Campus Beat podcast

Starts With Youth is an initiative that aims to target the issue of childhood abuse and intergenerational trauma through community-building and educational resources. Studies indicate that 1 in 3 of those who are abused in childhood go on to become abusers themselves. Although this statistic is deeply saddening, Prishni believes it also shows a solution. Their mission at Starts With Youth is to create a generation of current and future caregivers that are aware of the effects of their own trauma, are able to reach out for help, and are overall, better equipped to be their best self for their kids. With the Pathy Fellowship, she hopes to further their current social media traction in order to effectively disseminate information related to recognizing, understanding, and recovering from abuse and trauma. Prishni envisions Starts With Youth as a wraparound, pre and post-intervention service, and also intend to develop a comprehensive, culturally-informed Resource Bank and to implement a set of educational workshops related to the topic of intergenerational trauma in family environments. 

To find out more about the 2021-22 Pathy Fellowship Cohort and their initiatives, check out the official Coady Institute announcement here.

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For more information, please contact the Queen’s Pathy Fellowship Advisor at