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Work Study Program

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Student Awards

The Work Study Program is offered jointly through Career Services and the Student Awards office. It is funded by Queen’s University.  The objective is to provide an opportunity for students in financial need to receive priority for certain part-time jobs during their academic terms. 

Please note that you may not commence work until a signed contract has been confirmed by Career Services and returned to your employer.


Important Dates for Fall/Winter 2018-19

Now        Students can submit their application for entitlement (to Student Awards)

Now        Employers can post their job opportunities for Fall/Winter term

13 Jul      Fall/Winter job postings available online to students

1 Sep       Students can begin their Fall/Winter or Fall term only Work Study position

14 Sep      Deadline for Work Study applications from students to Student Awards for entitlement

31 Dec      Last day a Work Study employee enrolled in Fall term only can work

2 Jan         Students can begin their Winter term only Work Study position

26 Apr       Last day a Work Study employee enrolled in Fall/Winter term or Winter term only can work

Finding a Job
Log in to MyCareer with your net id:
  • View job postings under the Work Study module.
  • View all the positions that interest you.
  • Follow the application instructions under each job posting.
  • Allow two weeks, if you have not heard back from the employer, to follow up with them.
    Not finding any jobs that interest you:
    • You can find your own position.
    • Approach faculty, staff, departments and let them know you have a Work Study entitlement.
    • You may also approach local non-profit organizations.
    • If they are not familiar with the Work Study program have them contact the program coordinator at
      Social Insurance Numbers

      To work on campus in the Work Study Program students MUST have a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

      International students cannot apply for a SIN until after being hired by a Work Study employer.

      Money Matters

      The rate of pay is $14.60/hour including vacation pay. 

      The Work Study subsidy only applies if you have received an entitlement from Student Awards.

      Entitlement Breakdown

      Divide your entitlement by the hourly rate: 

      $3,000      205

      $2,000      136 

      $1,500      102 

      $1,000      68

      $750         51


      Student Manual for Work Study

      Download the Student Manual 2018-2019 (PDF, 1,033 kB) which contains student guidelines and procedures for starting and succeeding in a Work Study position.