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Career Consultation Appointments

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note that due to the pandemic we have moved to remote service delivery. Our 1-1 Career Consultations now take place exclusively by phone or Microsoft Teams, and bookings are made by logging in to MyCareer.

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Career Counsellors work with undergraduate and graduate students in 1-1 appointments on all kinds of career questions.  You might have questions like:counselor talking

  • Which degree is best for me?
  • How can I figure out what I want to do?
  • If I change programs, what are the implications?
  • What are the options with this degree?
  • How do I get where I want to go?
  • How can I plan for further education (grad school, meds, law, etc)?
  • What have other people done?
  • How do I make decisions that are right for me?

If you're thinking about these or other career questions, you're not alone!

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Career counselling is all about helping you figure out where you want to go, and how to get there. Through a confidential and collaborative process, we will work together to talk about your career goals and plan what next steps you can take to get there. This can include big picture decisions like choosing careers, majors, or grad school programs as well as short-term strategy like interview prep, and job search coaching. Meeting with a counsellor can give you a safe place to talk about your thoughts, feelings, and concerns about career and academic decisions. As you begin to understand the various factors that influence your career decisions (like interests, skills, values, personality, external influences, perceived obstacles, and more) you will be developing skills to manage your career now and in the future.

What a career counselling appointment can’t provide

A career counsellor can’t tell you what you should do with your life, or what decision is the best for you. In these life decisions YOU are the expert about what is right for you, what feels good, and what matters to you personally. We are the experts on the career decision making process and can talk about strategies and resources that could help you to decide for yourself, as well as being a supportive, listening ear to help you sort through your thoughts and emotions. We can’t give you the answers, but we can help you find the answers for yourself.

What can I expect from an appointment?

Career counsellors support you to make informed decisions and by helping you to:

•       take an active role in your career and make strategic decisions and plans

•       understand yourself and your story, and chart a career path that makes sense for you

•       understand and compare job search strategies and identify helpful resources

•       improve your interviewing skills

•       develop effective applications to graduate and professional school

•       challenge thinking that might keep you stuck by analyzing barriers, assumptions, and limiting beliefs

•       get organized, set career and academic goals, and manage the process

•       get objective “outsider” support, empathy, and understanding

How can I best prepare for my appointment?

Taking a little time to think about your questions, what you already know, and your career story so far can help make the most of your time with a counsellor. Depending on your questions, it can also be helpful to bring relevant background documents like information you found from career or grad school research, your resume, or previous career assessments.

How are Career Counsellors qualified?

All of our staff are experienced in working with the unique career needs of university students, both graduate and undergraduate. We bring a diverse range of experience and education to our work as counsellors including post-graduate studies in career development, education, counselling psychology, as well as professional experience in career education, business, government, non-profits, teaching, technical and scientific fields, employment services, entrepreneurship, and much more.

We follow the Canadian Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners, which emphasize professional behaviour and ethics, interpersonal competence, assessment, group facilitation, and knowledge of career counselling theory, work search strategies, and career resources.

“Good job done by the advisor and Career Services. The appointment was helpful and worth my time.”

“Very helpful, friendly, easy to talk to, comfortable environment and lots of good suggestions.”

 “(My counsellor) was extremely helpful he had a lot of practical things for me to do and I felt very confident after.”

 “(My counsellor) was wonderful! She is so helpful, compassionate and non-judgemental! I truly appreciate all her help!”

Can’t attend in person?

If you are unable to attend in person, you can request your appointment to be done by phone or Microsoft Teams (available through Office 365). Telephone and Microsoft Teams appointments are available for all currently-registered students and new graduates (within one year). 

To book a phone or Microsoft Teams appointment: please choose CAREER CONSULTATION under appointment type (not a Resume Review appointment) and select the mode you prefer. 

Did you know that recent alumni are eligible to access Career Services (including 1-1 appointments) for up to one year past graduation? If you are out of town and wish to speak with an advisor, please refer to the section on Telephone & Skype for Business Appointments above.