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Career Services

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Career Workshops

Our Career Counsellors facilitate workshops for students on a variety of career topics in the workshop room of our centre during the Fall and Winter terms. We also lead workshops in departments and around campus, by request.

Regular workshop topics run from September to April (but can be arranged by special request during the summer).To learn more about the workshops we run, scroll down for a complete list of our offerings. 

Workshop Schedule

The most current workshop schedule is always in MyCareer (check the calendar under the Events/Workshops tab). Signup for workshops is in MyCareer

Workshop Sign-up

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Are you a student with accessibility needs?

Queen’s is committed to an inclusive campus community with accessible goods, services, and facilities that respect the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. To request accommodation or alternate formats (e.g. powerpoint slides, in-class worksheets, topic tip sheets) in advance of a workshop, please contact us at or 613-533-2992 or 74 Union Street (Gordon Hall, 3rd floor).​

Workshop Topics

Workshops are slotted into major topic areas: 

Career Exploration

Design Your Life Workshop (Fall & Winter)
Applying Design Thinking to your career to create a life worth living​

Are you unclear about your career direction? Feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed just thinking about it? Learn how to apply the step-by-step Design Thinking process to find solutions to the problem of "What's Next?". You will leave this intensive and interactive 2.5-hour session with a clearer sense of where you want to go, and how you can begin taking immediate action to make your dreams a reality. Learn more about Design Thinking at

Job Search - Career Fair Prep

Career Fair Prep (Fall)
Make a good first impression at the Career Fair and the Eng & Tech Fairs!

Wondering how to make a great first impression at the Career Fair (September 25th, 2018) or Engineering & Technology Fair (October 16th & 17th, 2018) this Fall?  This 50-minute session will give you an opportunity to ask all the things you’re wondering about.  It will also help you learn how to stand out from the crowd and be successful at these high profile events.

Summer Opportunities Fair Prep (Winter)
Make a great first impression at the Summer Opportunities Fair!

Curious about what questions to ask representatives at the Summer Opportunities Fair on January 22nd, 2019?  Concerned about making a great first impression?  This 50-minute session will give you an opportunity to ask all the things you’re wondering about before you attend career fairs.  It will also help you learn how to stand out from the crowd and be successful at these high profile events.

Job Search

From Panic to Power (Fall/Winter)
Overcome anxiety in interviews, networking, and career fairs

Does your heart pound at the thought of a job interview? Do you get weak in the knees at the idea of networking with successful professionals? If so, this workshop is for you. In this informal 50-minute session you will learn about how anxiety works and strategies to conquer it as you build your own personal toolkit for facing pressure-packed career situations.

Conquer the Cover Letter (Fall/Winter)
Does writing a good cover letter mystify you or fill you with dread?​ 

During this workshop you will learn about key components and strategies that make the most difference when writing a cover letter. You will also work on exercises designed to get you started on customizing your cover letter.

Ramp Up Your Resume (Fall/Winter)
Get your resume ready for those upcoming job applications 

This 50-minute session will help you use key strategies in your resume/CV for highlighting your unique skills, knowledge and experience. To get the most benefit from this workshop, it is helpful to have a specific opportunity that you are targeting. Please bring a draft copy of your resume to work on, if you have it.

LinkedIn 1 - Creating an Effective Profile (Fall/Winter)
Get started with LinkedIn and create your Profile

Are you new or relatively new to LinkedIn? Already have a Profile but not sure how effective it is? Get hands-on in designing your own online profile so that it is relevant for as many options as possible without looking unfocused. Please bring your own tablet or computer to the session. We will help you to create an account/profile if you don’t currently have one.

LinkedIn 2 - Using LinkedIn Strategically​ (Fall/Winter)
Learn how to use LinkedIn to network​

Explore the capabilities of for researching careers and experience how it can support career decision-making and job search, in particular, networking.  Discuss common questions such as: “What do I put in a message when reaching out to someone?” or How do I find alumni to talk with?" or “How can I get someone to respond to my message without bugging them?” Intended for students with an existing LinkedIn Profile. Please bring your own tablet or computer to the session.

Effective Networking (Fall/Winter)
Advance your career with authentic relationships​

Wondering how to get started with the all-important career skill of networking? In this workshops you will: 1) Get strategies for how to approach networking, get organized, and solidify your connections; 2) Be prepared to introduce yourself effectively and ask intelligent questions; 3) Boost your confidence when talking to new people through knowledge and practice.

Interview I:  Winning Interviews (Fall/Winter)
Get ready for an interview

Learn how to handle “Tell Me About Yourself”, typical behavioural questions (e.g., about teamwork experience), off-the-wall questions, and questions for you to ask.  Come prepared to practice – walk away feeling more ready for an interview.

Interview II:  Communicating Your Skills & Experience (Fall/Winter)
Practice can help you succeed in the interview.  

In Interview I you learned the basics, including the STAR method, for structuring your responses. In Interview II, take your interview skills up a level as you pinpoint relevant experiences and competencies, and plan and practice delivering them. Develop confidence as you hone your messages and become more persuasive as you talk, listen and learn in a supportive environment.

Summer Job Search (Fall/Winter)
Learn how to find "hidden" and advertised summer jobs 

This session will help you start to develop a personalized summer opportunities search plan.  You’ll also learn strategies to connect with opportunities in the locations and sectors you’re aiming at.

Further Education
Grad School I: Applying to Further Education? (Fall/Winter)
Figure out options and next steps
In this workshop you will start from your ideas about what you want to research and study, and learn to use strategies and resources to help you find relevant opportunities. You will begin to identify your personal criteria for making choices. You’ll leave with a process that will help you take your master list and narrow it down to programs that are a good fit for you. You will also get a sense of the general timelines that are important and learn to sequence potential steps in the application process so you can use your application time efficiently.
Grad School II: Writing Personal or Research Statements (Fall/Winter)
Wondering how to stand out in personal or research statements?
This session will help you understand the difference between the two and give you an opportunity to practice writing why you want do get into these programs.