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Cover of 'What's Next?' magazine by Career ServicesWhat's Next? 2017-18 AVAILABLE NOW!

Many students near the end of an undergraduate or graduate degree start to wonder...What's Next? So, Career Services produces a magazine, specifically for you!

This year's magazine is packed full of student/grad profiles, advice, stories and tips to help you get from here to your own What's Next? Whether it's work, further education or something else you're contemplating, What's Next? magazine will help get you inspired and get going.

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What's Inside 


What Are My Options?  Customize Your Career by Getting Involved (PDF, 333 kB)

Interviews...the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (PDF 185 kB)

Getting into Medical School:  Advice from a Medical School Recruiter (PDF, 799 kB)

ArtSci Student's Internship has Positive "(e)AFFECT" on her Career Goals (PDF, 346 kB)

Further Education

What to Consider When Considering Further Education (PDF, 148 kB)

Study Abroad:  How to Leverage It (PDF, 582 kB)

References 101 (PDF, 359 kB)

Job Search Help

Career Services Bucket List (PDF, 37 kB)

On-Campus Recruitment 101 (PDF, 1.01 MB)

What Not to Wear:  Interview Edition (PDF, 67 kB)

Tips and Strategies for Converting your Academic CV into a Resume (PDF, 411 kB)

You Already Have a Network!  Queen's Connects (PDF, 445 kB)


Accommodations:  At School and at Work (PDF, 103 kB)

QYourFuture (PDF, 716 kB)

Three Steps to Starting Your Own Business (PDF, 733 kB)

What's Next? magazine is produced annually in conjunction with Queen's Marketing.


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