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Need help finding your way through Queen’s and beyond? Get major-specific advice on academics, extra-curriculars, networking, international opportunities and career development all in one place. These maps provide suggestions - you don’t have to follow all the recommendations. Use them to plan ahead, and find your own way at Queen’s!

Use this MyMajorMap tool to make your own customized major map.

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The Major Maps:

Art History: [web 816 KB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Biochemistry: [web 1.6 MB], [pro-print 1.6 MB]

Biology: [web 1.3 MB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Chemical Engineering: [web 270 KB], [pro-print 2.0 MB]

Chemistry: [web 1.3 MB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Civil Engineering: [web 297 KB], [pro-print 2.5 MB]

Classical Studies: [web 782 KB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Commerce: [web 247 KB], [pro-print 3.3 MB]

Computer Engineering: [web 255 KB], [pro-print 2.3 MB]

Computing: [web 1.3 MB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Concurrent Education: [web 186 KB], [pro-print 2.5 MB]

Consecutive Education: [web 2.0 MB], [pro-print 2.0 MB]

Drama: [web 846 KB], [pro-print 1.5 MB]

Economics: [web 1.0 MB], [pro-print 1.5 MB]

Electrical Engineering: [web 245 KB], [pro-print 2.2 MB]

Engineering Chemistry: [web 308 KB], [pro-print 1.8 MB]

Engineering Physics: [web 256 KB], [pro-print 3.1 MB]

English: [web 767 KB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Environmental Science: [web 2.0 MB], [pro-print 2.0 MB]

Environmental Studies: [web 1.6 MB], [pro-print 2.6 MB]

Film and Media: [web 1.1 MB], [pro-print 1.1 MB]

Fine Art (Visual Art): [web 1.1 MB], [pro-print 1.7 MB]

French Studies: [web 928 KB], [pro-print 1.6 MB]

Gender Studies: [web 976 KB], [pro-print 1.6 MB]

Geography: [web 1.0 MB], [pro-print 1.5 MB]

Geological Engineering: [web 252 KB], [pro-print 2.2 MB]

Geological Sciences: [web 1.9 MB], [pro-print 1.9 MB]

Global Development Studies: [web 1.5 MB], [pro-print 1.5 MB]

Health Sciences: [web 802 KB], [pro-print 1.2 MB]

Health Studies: [web 1.0 MB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Hispanic Studies: [web 792 KB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

History: [web 783 KB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Indigenous Studies: [web 1.0 MB], [pro-print 1.7 MB] 

Kinesiology: [web 1.2 MB], [pro-print 1.2 MB]

Languages, Literatures, and Culture (LLCU): [web 860 KB], [pro-print 1.4 MB]

Life Sciences: [web 1.5 MB], [pro-print 1.5 MB]

Linguistics: [web 811 KB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Mathematics: [web 1.3 MB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Math and Engineering: [web 253 KB], [pro-print 2.2 MB]

Mechanical Engineering: [web 2.2 MB], [pro-print 2.2 MB]

Mechatronics Engineering: [web 231 KB], [pro-print 2.0 MB]

Media and Performance Production: [web 707 KB], [pro-print 1.2MB]

Mining Engineering: [web 247 KB], [pro-print 2.0 MB]

Music: [web 863 KB], [pro-print 1.4 MB]

Music Theatre: [web 1.1 MB], [pro-print 1.8 MB]

Nursing: [web 2.3 MB], [pro-print 2.2 MB]

Philosophy: [web 845 KB], [pro-print 1.4 MB]

Physics: [web 994 KB], [pro-print 1.4 MB]

Political Studies: [web 802 KB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Specialization: [web 736 KB], [pro-print 1.2 MB]

Psychology: [web 1.5 MB], [pro-print 1.5 MB]

Religious Studies: [web 906 KB], [pro-print 1.5 MB]

Sociology: [web 782 KB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

Statistics: [web 944 KB], [pro-print 1.3 MB]

CACEE award logo
We would like to acknowledge the generous support we received from Georgia State University for their original idea of a Major Map tool, and the information they shared in the development process. 

The Major Maps were the recipient of the 2015 Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) award for Excellence in Innovation (Student Engagement)

Thank you to all the students and staff and faculty across Queen’s who assisted with the project development, with special recognition to the project team of Sebastian Leck, ArtSci’15 (Project Assistant), Alice Zhu, Commerce’17(Project Assistant), Holly Matthias, ArtSci’16 (Communications), Joyce Hunter (Advising Services Manager, Faculty of Arts & Science), Christine Fader (Communications, Career Services), and Miguel Hahn (Project Lead, Career Services).