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Welcome to the Queen's Grad Maps!

Three maps laid as if on top of one another:  Cultural Studies MA; Civil Engineering PhD; Chemistry PhDNeed help navigating your way through grad school and beyond? Get program-specific advice on academics, research, networking, building experience, and launching your career all in one place. These maps provide suggestions - you don’t have to follow all the recommendations. Use them to plan ahead, and find your own way at Queen’s!

While supplies last, print versions of the Grad Maps are available at your academic department, Career Services (3rd floor, Gordon Hall) or Graduate Studies (4th floor, Gordon Hall).

Use this MyGradMap tool to make your own customized grad map.

The Grad Maps

*Need a different format for accessibility purposes?  Accessible Grad Maps are coming soon!  In the meantime, please contact us at to request an alternate format.


Aging and Health MSc
[web 1.3 MB]
[printer friendly 1.63 MB]

Aging and Health PhD
[web 1.52 MB]
[printer friendly 2.07 MB]

Anatomical Sciences

[web 1.10 MB]

[printer friendly 1.50 MB]

Art Conservation MAC

[web 1.24 MB]

[printer friendly 1.95 MB]

Art History MA 
[web 839 KB]
[printer friendly 1.51 MB]

Art History PhD
[web 866 KB]
[printer friendly 1.40 MB]

Arts Leadership MA, GDip

[web 1.70 MB]

[printer friendly 2.54 MB]

Biology MSc 
[web  1.25 MB]
[printer friendly 2.18 MB]

Biology PhD
[web 1.23 MB]
[printer friendly 2.15 MB]

Biomedical & Molecular Sciences MSc
[web 1.00 MB]
[printer friendly 1.67 MB]

Biomedical & Molecular Sciences PhD
[web 1.06 MB]
[printer friendly 1.61 MB]

Chemical Engineering MASc
[web 1.17 MB]
[printer friendly 1.89 MB]

Chemical Engineering MEng

[web 1.51 MB]

[printer friendly 2.29 MB]

Chemical Engineering PhD
[web 1.04 MB]
[printer friendly 1.72 MB]

Chemistry MSc
[web 1.34 MB]
[printer friendly 2.18 MB]

Chemistry PhD
[web 1.31 MB]
[printer friendly 2.13 MB]

Civil Engineering MASc
[web 1.55 MB]
[printer friendly 2.53 MB]

Civil Engineering MEng

[web 1.24 MB]

[printer friendly 2.05 MB]

Civil Engineering PhD
[web 1.61 MB]
[printer friendly 2.65MB]

Classics MA

[web 1.13 MB]

[printer friendly 2.03 MB]

Computing MSc
[web 1.25 MB]
[printer friendly 2.06 MB]

Computing PhD
[web 1.26 MB]
[printer friendly 2.10 MB]

Cultural Studies MA
[web 1.00 MB]
[printer friendly 1.68 MB]

Cultural Studies PhD
[web 1.02 MB]
[printer friendly 1.71 MB]

Earth & Energy Resources Leadership MEERL

[web 1.03 MB]

[printer friendly 1.79 MB]

Economics MA
[web 2.01 MB]
[printer friendly 5.25 MB]

Economics PhD
[web 2.48 MB]
[printer friendly 6.05 MB]

Education (Consecutive B.Ed)
[web 947 KB]
[printer friendly 1.46 MB]

Education MEd
[web 1.67 MB]
[printer friendly 2.94 MB]

Education PhD
[web 1.58 MB]
[printer friendly 2.57 MB]

Electrical & Computer Engineering MASc
[web 1.58 MB]
[printer friendly 2.89 MB]

Electrical & Computer Engineering MEng

[web 1.60 MB]

[printer friendly 2.63 MB]

Electrical & Computer Engineering PhD
[web 1.51 MB]
[printer friendly 2.98 MB]

English MA 
[web 1.01 MB]
[printer friendly 1.77 MB]

English PhD
[web 995 KB]

[printer friendly 1.71 MB]

English MPhil 
[web 1.50 MB]
[printer friendly 2.9 MB]

English MPhil/PhD
[web 1.74 KB]

[printer friendly 2.9 MB]

Environmental Studies MES
[web 641 KB]
[printer friendly 1.11 MB]

Environmental Studies PhD
[web 966 KB]
[printer friendly 1.65 MB]

Epidemiology MSc

[web 913 MB]

[printer friendly 1.54 MB]

Epidemiology PhD

[web 1.29 MB]

[printer friendly 2.15 MB]

Epidemiology MSc with Biostatistics Specialization

[web 554 KB]

[printer friendly 1.12 MB]

Gender Studies MA

[web 795 KB]

[printer friendly 1.36 MB]

Gender Studies PhD

[web 950 KB]

[printer friendly 1.63 MB]

Geography MA, MSc
[web 1.57 MB]
[printer friendly 2.93 MB]

Geography PhD
[web 1.23 MB]
[printer friendly 2.34 MB]

Applied Geology MASc
[web 1.6 MB]
[printer friendly 2.8 MB]

Geological Engineering MASc
[web 1.16 MB]
[printer friendly 2.53 MB]

Geological Engineering PhD
[web 1.27 MB]
[printer friendly 2.67 MB]

Geological Sciences MSc
[web 1.34 MB]
[printer friendly 2.58 MB] 

Geological Sciences PhD
[web 1.34 MB]
[printer friendly 2.58 MB]

Global Development Studies MA

[web 1.22 MB]

[printer friendly 2.11 MB]

Healthcare Quality MSc(HQ)
[web 845 KB]
[printer friendly 1.43 MB]

Health Quality PhD(HQ)
[web 972 KB]
[printer friendly 1.6 MB]

History MA
[web 1.04 MB]
[printer friendly 1.71 MB]

History PhD
[web 1.09 MB]
[printer friendly 2.07 MB]

Industrial Relations MIR

[web 1.05 MB]

[printer friendly 1.80 MB]

Kinesiology & Health Studies MA, MSc
[web 959 KB]
[printer friendly 1.55 MB]

Kinesiology & Health Studies PhD
[web 941 KB]
[printer friendly 1.59 MB]

Mathematics MSc, MASc
[web 1.25 MB]
[printer friendly 2.19 MB]

Mathematics PhD
[web 1.65 MB]
[printer friendly 2.74 MB]

Mechanical & Materials Engineering MASc
[web 1.52 MB]
[printer friendly 2.54 MB]

Mechanical & Materials Engineering MEng

[web 1.81 MB]

[printer friendly 3.02 MB]

Mechanical & Materials  Engineering PhD
[web 1.75 MB]
[printer friendly 2.92 MB]

Mining Engineering MASc
[web 1.38 MB]
[printer friendly 2.72 MB]

Mining Engineering MEng

[web 1.60 MB]

[printer friendly 3.09 MB]

Mining Engineering PhD
[web 1.47 MB]
[printer friendly 2.91 MB]

Neuroscience MSc
[web 1.10 MB]
[printer friendly 2.10 MB] 

Neuroscience PhD
[web 1.06 MB]
[printer friendly 1.74 MB]

Nursing MNSc
[web 991 KB]
[printer friendly 1.67 MB] 

Nursing MN (PHCNP)
[web 865 KB]
[printer friendly 1.47 MB]

Nursing PhD
[web 1.09 MB]

[printer friendly 2.16 MB]

Occupational Therapy MSc (OT)

[web 1.12 MB]

[printer friendly 1.85 MB]

Pathology & Molecular Medicine MSc

[web 1.20 MB]
[printer friendly 1.99 MB]

Pathology & Molecular Medicine PhD
[web 1.17 MB]
[printer friendly 1.95 MB]

Philosophy MA
[web 1.57 MB]
[printer friendly 3.81 MB]

Philosophy PhD
[web 1.59 MB]
[printer friendly 3.90 MB]

Physical Therapy MSc (PT)
[web 1.01 MB]
[printer friendly 1.70 MB]

Physics, Astrophysics & Astronomy MSc
[web 875 KB]
[printer friendly 1.49 MB]

Physics, Astrophysics & Astronomy PhD
[web 882 KB]
[printer friendly 1.52 MB]

Political Studies MA
[web 1.22 MB]
[printer friendly 2.04 MB]

Political Studies PhD
[web 1.25 MB]
[printer friendly 2.02 MB]

Psychology MSc
[web 1.24 MB]
[printer friendly 2.13 MB]

Psychology PhD
[web 1.30 MB]
[printer friendly 2.25 MB]

Public Administration MPA

[web 844 KB]

[printer friendly 1.49 MB]
Public Health MPH

[web 1.29 MB]

[printer friendly 2.09 MB]

Rehabilitation Science MSc
[web 970 KB]
[printer friendly 1.66 MB]

Rehabilitation Science PhD
[web 1.09 MB]
[printer friendly 1.83 MB]

Religious Studies MA

[web 791 KB]

[printer friendly 1.39 MB]

Sociology MA
[web 770 KB]
[printer friendly 1.31 MB]

Sociology PhD
[web 1.01 MB]
[printer friendly 1.65 MB]

Translational Medicine MSc

[web 947 KB]
[printer friendly 1.50 MB]

Translational Medicine PhD

[web 755 KB]
[printer friendly 1.30 MB]

Urban Planning MPL

[web 1.02 MB]
[printer friendly 1.70 MB]