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For Graduating Students - QYourFuture


QYourFuture is for graduating students. It includes 10 things to do before you graduate.

Congratulations! Your final year is an exciting time worth celebrating. It is also a time when you can take some actions to prepare for your next steps after graduation. We've picked the top 10 activities to help you get going.  

Every graduating student will find their own unique path as they transition from Queen's to their next steps, so please review these steps in whatever order works for you, and use these and other strategies that best fit your interests. We look forward to seeing you at online events, workshops, and appointments. Have a great graduating year!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to building this page, in particular Queen's Student Alumni Association, Alumni Relations, and the Human Rights and Equity Office.

1. Join Queen’s Connects Career Network for Students and Alumni
Tip number 1 is Join Queen's Connects, which is the Career Network for Students and Alumni.

Connect with Queen’s alumni for career conversations.

The Queen's Connects Linkedin Group is designed to create discussions and networks with Queen's Alumni. Members are keen on creating conversations about career experiences, opportunities, industries, fields, or roles. Check out the direct link to Queen's Connects Career Network for students and alumni for step-by-step instructions to join. 

2. Apply to Graduate
Tip number 2 is Apply to Graduate. Image of graduates

Congratulations! You have almost completed your studies

1) But, did you know that you have to formally apply to graduate?

Check out: the University registrar's website for step-by-step instructions on how to complete this important process.

2) Did you have a high school teacher who really helped you on your path to Queen's?  Nominate them for the Baillie Excellence in Secondary School Teaching award. 

3. Stay Involved Building Skills and Experiences
Tip number 3 is to stay involved to build skills and experiences. Image of students interacting.

Keep building skills, experiences, and connections on and off campus.  

For example, you could: 

  • join a club
  • volunteer
  • get a job 
  • go to an event, game, or seminar
  • and more!

Keep an eye out on MyCareer for positions posted for students. 

Are you a leader in a student club? Visit the Club Hub for support for leading your club to adapt and thrive this year.

Consider challenging yourself in new ways or search for new experiences in your final year. Be curious and never hesitate to ask questions.

4. Apply to Further Education (if applicable)
Tip number 4  is to apply to further education if applicable. Image of student on laptop.

Explore options for further education.

Have you explored Grad Studies at Queen's? Check out the Grad Maps

Are you thinking about further education (grad school, post-degree diplomas, certificates) options?  Come to the Further Education Fair to meet reps from a wide range of programs across Canada!


You might be wondering:

  • Should I go to grad school?
  • How many should I apply to?
  • Which programs are "better"?
  • What do I need to get in?
  • What's the difference between grad school and professional school?
  • What does a Masters or PhD give me?
  • When should I do standardized tests (e.g. GRE, MCAT)
  • Is taking time off a good idea?

For help with these questions and more about further education, talk to professors and mentors and visit Career Services.

5. Attend Career Fairs & Information Sessions
Tip number 5 is to attend Career Fairs & Information Sessions. Image of people on their laptop screens.

Employers are hiring and they want to meet students!

Are you looking to meet valuable networks in your field?

Career fairs will give you a chance to network, market your skills, build confidence, and meet virtually with employers and professionals.

6. Assess your skills with the award-winning Queen’s Skills Cards
Tip number 6 is to assess your skills with Queen's Skills Cards. Image of a skills card.

You have so many skills. Learn how to identify and better articulate them. 

Attend the Own Your Strengths Skills Cards workshop! Register in MyCareer Events/workshops calendar. 

7. Got Career Questions? Visit Career Services.
Tip number 7 is to talk to a career counsellor at drop-in Career Advising. Image of a career counsellor.

Wondering about your options or how to get where you want to go? Talk with a career counsellor at drop-in Career Advising.

  • Trying to get into further education?
  • Looking for work?
  • Want to explore career options?
  • Need to update your resume or review interview strategies?  

Career Services is FREE to students and recent grads up to one year post-graduation.  

You can talk with a career counsellor at online drop-in Career Advising. Visit MyCareer to get the unique link for that day!

8. Check Your Faculty's Graduation Webpage
Tip number 8 is to check your faculty's graduation page. image of someone on their laptop

See your Faculty-specific information about graduation (if applicable).

9. Learn about Queen’s Best Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews
Tip number 9 is to use Queen's Best Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews magazines. Image of three students.

Use these made-for-Queen’s magazines to build your best resume, cover letter and interviews. Links coming soon!

10. Celebrate! Attend QSAA Events
Tip number 10 is to celebrate and attend QSAA Events. Image of mug and laptop

Attend QSAA events: Panels, workshops, and networking opportunities to support your transition post-grad. 

Graduating is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations.

Stay tuned for events this year to help you mark this milestone

Check out Queen's Student Alumni Association