Summer Jobs


Summer Jobs

There are new job postings daily on the job board in MyCareer and employers continue to attend career fairs and other events. Career Services is here to help – we hope the resources below are helpful, and we encourage you to connect with us for more support. Speak with a Career Counsellor at drop-in Career Advising or by booking an appointment.

Summer Job Tips

Find a Summer Job - Finding a summer job is a combination of using effective job search strategies (networking, resumes, interviews) and finding job postings/openings. As you’ve likely heard, while some jobs are advertised, most are not (the “hidden job market”). This section lists ways you can develop your job search strategies.  How do I find a Summer Job?

What is Out There? - Job postings and summer experience programs are a great way to explore what is out there. What's out there?

Create My Own Work - Explore options for building your own company or side hustle(s) this summer. How can I create my own work?

Professional Development - If you find your plans have changed and you are looking for creative ways beyond paid work to continue to develop your skills and experience, here are some resources. What other ways can I develop myself professionally this summer?

Prepare for Remote Work - Review resources for how to work remotely, whether you are already working remotely, or getting ready to work remotely when you get your summer job. How can I prepare to be most effective in a remote job?

My Unique Situation - You may have a specific question or unique circumstances that add complexity to your job search endeavors. We encourage you to book a career counselling appointment or visit us at drop-in if you’re looking for further support – we are always happy to speak with you. Questions about my unique situation

Summer Job Videos

How do I find a summer job?

​Try out these job search strategies to explore summer opportunities beyond what you find on job boards!​

How do I find a summer job that will support my future goals?

​Use these resources and activities to align your summer job search priorities with your career aspirations!

What do I include in a message when I reach out to someone?

​Implement these content suggestions in your outreach messages to improve your chances of building new professional relationships!

How can I search for summer opportunities using LinkedIn?

​Learn about joining Queen’s Connects, gathering industry specific information, and connecting with alumni and other professionals about your summer goals using LinkedIn!

How do I make my resume stand out when applying to summer jobs?

Develop a targeted resume for summer job applications using these tips and resources from the head of our resume coach program!

Do I need to submit a cover letter with every job application?

Help your cover letters stand out by utilizing these strategies and resources when preparing your application documents!

How do I find a job as an international student in Canada?

If you are new to the Canadian labour market, here are some tips and resources to get you started with your summer job search!