Queen's Students Talk Summer Jobs

We asked some Queen's students about their past summer jobs.  Here's what they had to say...and what they learned along the way.

For some students, a summer job can open up doors to new career possibilities. For Priyan, a Life Sciences student, his summer job as an Intake Counsellor introduced him to a new area of health care. In this role, Priyan worked with the community and provided counselling support to individuals with ongoing personal crises. While not a traditional summer job for a Life Sciences students, it turned out to be very motivational. “Because the organization was a non-profit, I met people from all walks of life and it inspired me to want to pursue graduate education in this field,” explains Priyan.
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Networking can be one of the best ways of securing a summer job. Jade F., a third year Health and Psychology Medial, found her summer job as an Administrative Assistant, by connecting with someone who already worked in the office. While the job was posted on Indeed.com, talking to someone who worked within the company allowed Jade to become familiar with the desired skills for success. By becoming familiar with the company, Jade improved her summer experience. “Since I was already at the office and knew all of the clients, my role allowed me to participate in the camps as a counsellor, as well as the day program,” explains Jade. Her knowledge and versatility allowed her to explore many options and areas of the organization, making it her best summer job ever!
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Working towards a degree in Sociology with a focus on Criminology, Justin V. wanted to test drive a career in security. After finding a job posting online, Justin applied and was soon hired. However, the work atmosphere was not what he expected. “The organization was poorly run and the scheduling/training was disorganized,” says Justin. While the working culture was not representative of all jobs in security, this “bad” summer job turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Through this experience, Justin learned more about what's important to him, both in terms of job tasks and work culture. Justin has his eyes set on a career with the RCMP or a regional policing unit, where he can interact with the community and thrive in a reputable service. 
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When Holly M., a fourth year Global Development major, was searching for a summer job, she did not expect to be working at a fisheries museum and lobster hatchery. “It was the most unusual job I’ve ever had because of the breadth of responsibilities, ranging from memorizing lobster facts to helping with the construction of the new museum,” reflects Holly. However, the unusual job allowed her to gain experience working in the non-profit and community development sector. Despite not being a position directly related to her future career goal in health promotion, Holly gained valuable experience in writing grant applications, working with youth and preserving regional culture. She was also able to practice her French language skills by leading bilingual tours and translating self-guided tour books. These skills and experiences will add to the breadth and depth of what Holly can offer in future job searches.
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Getting your dream job as a summer position is a pretty rare feat. For Jordan C., a 3rd year Economics student, a career in investment banking was the goal. However, after submitting many resumes and networking with industry leaders, Jordan realized that entering the industry was going to be a lot harder than expected. Instead, Jordan sought out other ways to become involved in the corporate sector and landed a summer job with Pepsico as a sales representative. While it was not the banking sector, Jordan was able to exceed his employer’s expectations and network with executives within the company. In doing so, he has developed a positive reputation within the company and positioned himself for future experiences with the company in the financial part of their business.
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