QYF - I don’t yet know what job I want after graduation – how can I figure that out?

If you are wondering how to explore your options and find a career trajectory that is great for you, you are not alone! The following resources will support you in reflecting on your career strengths and needs and finding concrete steps for deciding on your career possibilities.

What aspects of myself should I consider when exploring fulfilling career options for me?

Consider developing a “career compass” to refer to when considering possible career options with this worksheet. Reflect on the skills, interests, and values that are important for you and how they might relate to your career goals with the resources provided below.

On this page we’ve laid out a series of steps you can take to explore your career options. It can be a lot to do on your own, which is why we have career counsellors available to coach you through this process. Feel free to book a 1-1 appointment with one of them to work on your job search plan.




How do I explore what career opportunities exist out there?

It is hard to pick a career when you don’t know that much about what careers even exist. Below are resources to learn more what is out there.


I’m interested in a few career options, how do I get more in-depth information than what I can find on websites?

The best way to get in-depth information is to connect with someone in that field to ask more specific questions. This is often called “information interviewing” – to learn how to do effective information interviews, use our tipsheet and/or attend our Networking or LinkedIn workshops.


I would like more help with this process - is there someone I can talk with?

If you would like to discuss your specific situation and get help making your career exploration process manageable, consider booking a career counselling appointment via  MyCareer. A career counsellor will speak with you via phone (for Canada based phone service provider) or Microsoft Teams. Here are some common questions related to summer jobs that we get from students in appointments:

  • How do I find a summer job?
  • How do I stand out when applying for a summer job?
  • How do I find relevant work in my field of interest?
  • How do I network to find a summer job?
  • How can I prepare myself this summer for what I’d like to do after graduation?


How can I research more information about specific careers, including typical wages and economic trends?

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