Remote job search strategies and supports

If you are looking for a new job – whether part-time, summer, or your first job after graduation, here are some helpful resources.

In response to the concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, Career Services will be adjusting our method for delivering workshops. At this time, workshops are temporarily being hosted on Zoom. To register, please visit MyCareer.

Networking and Job Search

Summer Job Search During COVID-19

Things have changed a lot — and quickly. If you are looking for a summer job, even in these uncertain times, there are still strategies you can use to increase your chances of success. In this session, a Career Counsellor will guide you through the process of identifying your goals, the sectors and types of organizations that are still offering summer opportunities, and concrete action steps you can take to secure those leads.

Effective Networking During COVID-19

Advance your career with authentic relationships during times of social distancing Wondering how to develop the career skill of networking while self-isolating? In this workshop, you will: 1) Get remote strategies for how to approach networking, get organized, and solidify your connections; 2) Be prepared to introduce yourself effectively in a virtual context and ask intelligent questions; 3) Boost your confidence when talking to new people through knowledge and practice.

LinkedIn I - Building Your Profile

Get started with LinkedIn and create your profile during a time of self-isolation Are you new or relatively new to LinkedIn? Already have a Profile but not sure how effective it is? Get hands-on in designing your own online profile so that it is relevant for as many options as possible without looking unfocused. Be prepared to create or continue editing your LinkedIn profile during the session. We will reflect on and discuss strategies for representing you and your career aspirations virtually within the LinkedIn community.

LinkedIn II - Networking Strategies

Learn how to use LinkedIn to network during a time of self-isolation Explore the capabilities of for researching careers and experience how it can support career decision-making, job searching, and in particular, networking. Discuss common questions such as: "What do I put in a message when reaching out to someone?" or How do I find alumni to talk with?" or "How can I get someone to respond to my message without bugging them?" Intended for students with an existing LinkedIn profile. Please be prepared to explore LinkedIn along with the facilitator during this workshop.

Resume and Cover Letter

Ramp Up Your Resume

This 50-minute session will teach you strategies for highlighting your unique skills, knowledge, and experiences on your resume/CV. To benefit most fully, it is helpful to be targeting a specific opportunity and to have a (digital or hard copy) draft of your resume available to edit.

Conquer the Cover Letter

During this workshop, you will learn about the purpose and structure of a cover letter, as well as strategies for effective cover letter writing. Customization is the key to success, so you will also work on exercises designed to get you started on customizing your cover letter.


Interviews Interview I - Fundamental Strategies (focused on interviewing remotely)

Get ready for an interview Attend your next interview feeling confident and prepared – whether it is remote (by phone, Skype, Zoom, etc.) or in-person. Learn how to handle the "Tell Me About Yourself" opener, typical behavioural questions, difficult questions, and prepare questions for you to ask the interviewer. Come prepared to practice and leave feeling more ready for your next interview. For more practice, consider attending the Interview 2 workshop as well.

Interview II - Advanced practice for interviewing remotely

Tell better stories in your interviews Practice interview questions to help you succeed in your interview. In Interview Workshop I, you learn strategies to respond to some common questions. Interview Workshop II provides more space to practice applying these strategies by talking about relevant competencies and experiences that exemplify them. Develop confidence as you hone your messages and become more convincing as you talk, listen, and learn in a supportive environment.

More workshop topics will be added. To view the workshop calendar and register, please visit MyCareer.

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You may be wondering what employers are hiring during this time. While the virus has been very disruptive and has led to the cancellation of some jobs, there are still some employers who are hiring. You can gather knowledge through your network (see Networking and LinkedIn workshops at Career Services for more info) and by searching for online job postings.

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Job searching always takes time and energy, and doing so fully remotely can be additionally tiring. Here are some links to resources to help you stay well during your remote job search.